China prepares anti-satellite weapon. U.S. very concerned about

South American media in October last year said China prepares test the latest anti-satellite missile Dong Ning-2 (DN-2) With a kinetic interceptor, but test has been postponed.

January 4th South American organization "Union of Concerned Scientists," wrote in his blog that the recent China says the launch of the rocket. The Pentagon expressed "very great concern" probable test of anti-satellite weapons.

In January 2007 China conducted the first test of anti-satellite missile, culminating liquidation worn-out weather satellite at an altitude of 558 km. Thousands of fragments of this unit so far in orbit, presenting a danger to gallakticheskih manned ships and satellites. Second missile test, which received the designation SC-West 19 (developed on the basis of a ballistic missile CT-2) was conducted in January 2010. Test was of a dual purpose — "testing of anti-satellite and anti-missile capabilities."

According to forecasts of the U.S., China may experience DN-2 for several weeks. The height of defeats the purpose, according to estimates, could amount to more than 22 thousand km. The Pentagon issued a statement which said that "we look closely at the development of China's armed forces and urge the authorities to show a huge transparent about their own abilities and intentions." China is developing other technologies, including the creation of electrical and electrical noise satellite enemy troops and the introduction of the laser beam to destroy orbiters.

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