China prepares carrier fleet

In late July, the Ministry of National Defense of China officially announced that the recent start of the first test of its own aircraft carrier. This 300-meter ship, who is at present in the port of Dalian, was created on the basis of the empty body aircraft carrier "Varyag" Project 1143.6 purchased from Ukraine in 1998. At the time of the transaction China announced that it will use the hull as a floating casino, but in 2005 work began on its restoration. First own aircraft carrier, the Chinese military will use for research and training purposes.

Own programm to create aircraft carriers in China is realized according to some reports, more than 20 years. Because of its design school in China was not Chinese engineers went to them already well known way of copying foreign technologies and designs. The first sign was a light aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, has launched on the far 1943 and served initially in the UK, and then in the Australian Navy. The ship was decommissioned from the Navy in 1982, and in 1985 was purchased by a Chinese company at a cost of scrap metal for 1.4 million Australian dollars. Before you start up the "ship to needle" Chinese engineers have studied its construction more than a year. Deck the same aircraft carrier in 1995 was used for training pilots of naval aviation. Prior to the acquisition of aircraft carrier pilots special courses were required to work off short takeoff and landing on a specially prepared hardened section of the road.

China was also a bit not got output from the French Navy aircraft carrier Clemenceau, but to get the ship prevented action on the world-famous Tiananmen Square. But already in 1998, China was able to purchase from Ukraine avianesyschy unfinished cruiser "Varyag", the same type of project 1143.6 only Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov". The ship was sold for 20 million dollars multidisciplinary tourist agency "Chong Lot." By the time of the ship was in a state of readiness 70%. Under U.S. pressure, the ship at the time of the dismantled all military equipment to the Chinese, in fact, got only the ship's hull. But even he made up treasury of knowledge of Chinese engineers, because even the creation of such a floating platform is not the usual task. Earlier in 1994-95, China has managed to acquire two ships of project 1943.3 "Kiev" and "Minsk", created to accommodate aircraft vertical takeoff and landing and helicopter group. The ships were also to become a floating amusement parks.

First Chinese aircraft carrier "Shi Lang" last "Varyag" at the final stage of construction

By the same method was applied in China and in developing its own carrier-based aircraft. It is understood that in recent years the Chinese aircraft carrier battle group ships will consist of a J-15 fighter jets, which are unlicensed copy of Russian Su-33. Back in 2003, China had acquired the Ukraine 1 test aircraft T-10 K-7 (with tail number 89) which belonged to the initial batch of prototypes based fighter Su-33. These aircraft were produced in 1990 for industrial testing center "Thread." Plane this was out of whack because of the Crimea remained on the ground, while the other 5 T-10K was flown in 1993 in Moscow.

In 2006, China had acquired, and again in the Ukraine, the next carrier-based aircraft. One of the 2-which remained at the airport Novofedorivka Su-25 UTG. Which consists of a training aircraft, the Su-25UB with the hook set. Its main purpose — is training pilots based aircraft takeoff and landing on a special ground complex, equipped with devices STOL (inclined ramp-jump) and landing (arrester). Noteworthy that in this case Ukraine sold polurazobrannom plane without wings and tail, while the second Su-25UTG regarding combat ready, refused to sell.

In addition there is information on testing naval version of the Chinese J-10 fighter. Active plane to adapt it to the ship's operation was set arresting hook, and the wings of the plane were performed fold. There is also information about the development of the twin-engine variant of the aircraft over-reliability. The ability of sea-based wing impossible to realize without a real airplane DLRO. According to the preparatory disk imaging developments such aircraft are already underway. The network has photos (though the authenticity of their unintelligible), which depicted a similar plane with distinction marks the PLA Air Force, with all this machine is suspiciously similar to the Yak-44. Radar, installed on this machine, most likely, an analog of the Israeli radar EL/M-2075 firm Elta. Radar has a radial field of view and is designed to detect and track targets at a distance of 450 km.

With all of this would not be correct to assume that China is only concerned with copying and bringing to the brain development of others. At the current time in the media are increasingly arises information tab in China 2-carriers to be assembled from scratch in Chinese shipyards.

Past the "Varyag" won the title of "Shi Lang" and hull number 83 has been completed. It is planned that the ship will be used as a training for the training of pilots and maintenance personnel carrier-based aircraft, and to test new platforms and equipment, which must then be installed on the Chinese aircraft carrier type 085 and type 089. In addition there is the possibility that the "Shi Lang" will be further equipped with a center of intelligence, surveillance, computer data collection, management and communication.

According to the plans of Chinese command as early as 2015 in the fleet of China will be three aircraft carrier. Already a practical introduction to the system, "Shi Lang" and two aircraft carriers project 089. The implication is that these ships will hold a displacement of 000 tons and 48-64 will be equipped with an ordinary power plant capacity of up to 200,000 hp As the power plant steam turbines can be used TB-21, manufactured by the Chinese company "Ludunchan" aircraft carrier and allowing to reach speeds up to 30 knots, or Ukrainian gas turbine engines, for example DA80/DN80 (export version of the engine UGT-25000) performed at the "Dawn- Mashproekt. " China had already taken similar engines and equipped their class destroyers "Lujanen-II» and "Guangzhou".

After graduating in 2015 the construction of aircraft carriers, the spirit of the project on the 089 in the town of Verviers Jiangnan immediately planned to lay the first Chinese aircraft carrier with nuclear power plant, up to a total displacement of 93,000 tons. This aircraft carrier, received the title of type 085 at its own weapons and abilities will be similar to the unfinished Russian aircraft carrier languid "Ulyanovsk" and compare with the impact the U.S. aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan." According to preliminary estimates of professionals aircraft carrier will develop a catapult takeoff equipment for aircraft. In this case, no steam will be used, and the magnetic catapult, the benefit of experience in the development of similar systems in China is (magnetic levitation train in Shanghai).

Atomic aircraft carrier type 085, the expected appearance

Validity of plans for the construction of aircraft carriers and indirectly confirms the purchase in Russia in 2006, 4 sets of deck equipment: rope below deck arresting gear, interlocking grid zaderzhn
ik and other accessories, including 4 sets of brake release gear for the Su-33. The first set will be used for structured analysis and likely copied from the following setting on the ground training complex. The second set is likely to have been mounted on the "Shi Liang", and 3 and 4 are designed for installation on the first 2-089 type aircraft carriers.

In connection with such plans for the construction of China's own aircraft carrier fleet appears completely legitimate question, what will happen when China will this fleet. Already at this point quite clear that this fleet is built completely for parades. At first glance it represents the greatest danger to Taiwan, but on the other hand, these forces sverhizbytochny, but for war with the United States, which is likely to perform at the opposite side of Taiwan is very scarce. And the return of Taiwan's non-violent method is no longer seen as a kind of unattainable goal. Good prerequisites for this, first the economic, the PRC is already at the moment.

Because the second and even more possible direction of its application areas are located in the north of China. Specifically — the sparsely populated Russian Far East, wielding tremendous natural resources that are so necessary rapidly growing Chinese economy. In contrast to Taiwan, because of the quarrels of the Russian Federation and China are unlikely to take the risk of the European Union, the U.S. and even Belarus. Almost at the hands of China has unleashed in them yet you want is not only an argument of force.

Russian Su-33 (above) and his twin brother of J15 in flight (dropped)

Our homeland mired in corruption with the army weakened by endless reform can counter China is only one element of deterrence — nuclear weapon. But it is worth thinking about what the possibility that this tool really be used. In 1-x, China itself is a nuclear power, which will be able to give, if not adequate, it is completely harsh response. In-2, has a population approaching 1.5 billion. people, and how should the threshold of sensitivity to such shocks even higher Russian. B-3, factory located in China and factories virtually all global companies. Who would want that on their property began to fall Russian warheads. Such a strike will result not so much environmental as severe economic shock to the entire world.

You should not think that our far eastern neighbor — it's just a peace-loving and friendly country. In politics, no friends, the greatness of other states throughout history was achieved at the expense of others, such as the nearest neighbors. Because the only defense of the Russian Federation in this situation has been and remains a powerful army and navy, which must ensure the safety of not only the boundaries and areas, and our natural resources. In China, it is well aware of and strongly attached armed forces say that the same happens in the strengthening of, completely impossible.

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