China pursues a hidden experience in orbit

China holds no excessive noise in these days of experience focused on the convergence of satellites in orbit. Apparently, the Chinese spices which are prepared to check gallakticheskie devices remotely. Including overseas.

China pursues a secret experiment in orbit

On Saturday, August 13, Chinese gallaktichesky apparatus "Shijian-12" after a series of targeted exercises became friendly with a Chinese satellite "Shijian-6-03A».

According programmke "Shijian-6" to the true time of a pair of satellites launched three — in 2004, 2006 and 2008. In each pair comes next larger nemanevriruyuschy gallaktichesky apparatus and the smallest maneuvering. Alleged purpose of the system — electronic reconnaissance. "Shijian-6-03A» is the third pair of nemanevriruyuschim satellite, launched 25 October 2008 missile "Changzheng-4B» from Taiyuan.

Chinese interception

In January 2007, China conducted a successful test interception system of satellites. Launched ballistic missile kinetic interceptor successfully brought down an old Chinese Meteorological apparatus, is in orbit at a height of 864 km.

"Shijian-12" was launched on June 15, 2010 this year, the carrier "Changzheng-2D» from Jiuquan Satellite Launch into orbit and inclination of 97.69 ° and a height of 581 x 608 km. According to the official Xinhua News Agency, it is intended "to explore the criterion gallakticheskom space inter-satellite measurements and tests in the field of communications and other scientific and technical research." In an informal manner has been suggested that the "Shijian-12" is a companion to monitor gallakticheskoy situation, in other words for other gallakticheskimi devices.

"Shijian-12" was launched almost exactly in the plane of the orbit of a pair of satellites "Shijian-6 & #8722, 03 ", but was flying at 7 km beneath them. During the June 21-23 "Shijian-12" raised its orbit by about 4 km and changed the inclination to 97.66 °, reducing the discrepancy with the orbit of goals in all ways. As for almost 50 days, he slowly catching up "Shijian-6-03A»; immediately due to different precession rate was reduced to zero, the difference in the orientation of the orbital plane.

A crucial phase of the experience occurred on August 12, when the "Shijian-12" temporarily lifted into orbit by 10 km and was at 7 km above the target. It is estimated that about 13 August 10.45 UTC (14.45 MSK) were able to match his height and speed of the movement, "Shijian-6-03A» and took up a position about 160 miles ahead of him.

August 14 "Shijian-12" once again temporarily lifted its orbit and 15 August plunged to the height of the target, but now only 27 km ahead of her. Did experience is in development, and its finishing step can be expected in the coming day or two or three.

The purpose of the tests may be working out algorithms convergence in orbit for manned applets. In 2011, the scheduled dock unmanned spaceship "Shenzhou-8" to the orbital lab "Tiangong-1". But likely another goal — his own inspection and foreign gallakticheskih devices. This version looks more possible because no official disk imaging experiences there, and in China there is no need to hide his conduct, if it is associated with manned applets.

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