China showed a foreign military attache promising multi-role fighter Feybao

China has demonstrated promising foreign military attache multi-role fighter "Feybao"In the XYZ Aviation Division of the Air Force People's Liberation Army (PLA) for military attache 26 foreign countries come true demonstration promising multipurpose fighter-type "Feybao"(" Flying Leopard "), ITAR-TASS reported.

Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of the Air Force PLA Syanu Liao stressed that held demonstration "Feybao"" Provided the latest opportunity for foreign military attache acquainted with the process of development of the Chinese Air Force and strengthened mutual trust and friendship. "

As the Xinhua news agency said today, "multi-purpose all-weather supersonic fighter"Feybao"Without the help of others designed and built by China and which are its intellectual property, capable of day and night and in all weather criteria do battle puzzles to destroy ground and sea targets, applied for the execution of ground and naval operations to strike at enemy ships."
Demonstrations battle aircraft in the XYZ division, where he was presented with the "Flying Leopard", held for 30 years. During this time, the connection is visited by more than 4,600 representatives from 105 nations, said Xinhua.

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