China shows the world her political force

China for a few days twice showed the world his increased strength. Peking accused the United States, in response to his allegations of human rights violations. And, then abandoned the proposal of Brazil, Russian Federation, India, South Africa, to make the yuan freely convertible currency, "reserve currency."

It all started with that first came out in April report U.S. Department of State, where China was aggressively criticized for human rights violations. Such reports often come to the United States, but if the earlier Beijing protested for interference in internal affairs and all, but now he has released a similar report. Chinese media on April 11 released a report of the Municipal Council of the PRC, "The human rights situation in the U.S. in 2010."

It states;

— that "accusing others of violating Human Rights, Washington turns a blind eye to the outrageous situation in this field in their own country. The South American government violates the civilian and political rights, violates the privacy of citizens. "

— Chinese analysts have noted that the special services of the USA constantly violate the rights of ordinary Yankees do not respect their right to privacy. Behind them is an electric espionage, all mail (including electric) visible, messages, letters copied and often withdrawn. In an average year of this kind of espionage suffers up to 20% inhabitants of the United States.

— The report noted that the trend towards global control over the rank and file Yankees, year after year, only increases from "ugly turn for the worse."

— quite correctly seen that the whole "democracy" States be based on money.

— are the most coarse violation of human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have led to countless victims in the middle of a civilian population.

This report the real challenge for Washington, because the United States previously considered themselves to be a measure of the state of human rights across the planet. "Light of democracy," according to the Chinese report, it is one of the most totalitarian countries in the history of mankind. Beijing has challenged U.S. dominance in the world, and, in a rather sarcastic manner.

China and other BRIC countries

At the April meeting of the BRICS, which took place on the Chinese peninsula of Hainan, Beijing had made a proposal to make its currency unit — SLE. This would render the candidacy reeling Baksova system. But Beijing refused, the question arises — why? After all, just like Beijing defied Washington, and can be applied to the second strike.

Apparently, the answer is that the Chinese elite is very pragmatic. The transition to the position of the yuan freely convertible, at the present time is not favorable to Beijing. China at the present time almost all the "factory" of the U.S., the growth of its economy linked to Baksova system. The threat of a "second wave" of the crisis on the order of the day or to risk the Chinese elite is not lust, you can wait. Becoming the world's reserve currency the yuan be at risk of attack money speculators.

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