China — tests of ballistic missiles Tszyuylan-2

According to the American newspaper "The Washington Times", which refers to Internet sources, the Chinese military had hidden test launches of ballistic missiles, submarine-based — SLBM JL-2. This missile — one of the 3 ballistic missiles China distant act. The other two — perhaps intercontinental-range ballistic missiles «DF-41" and «DF-31."

It is not so long ago, South American expert on the Chinese military said the weapons R.Fisher online edition of «Inside the Ring», that he come online in the announcement of the first days of the new year Test Run 6 missile JL-2 SLBMs with the waters of the northern Chinese port of Dalian. In China, for the use of these missiles have a minimum of two subs, which are based on the naval base «Xiaopingdao». But it is safe to say that the data starts all the same have been implemented, military spec R.Fisher not taken. Although he stresses that there is a great possibility that these rumors are true. After all, China could be used to launch not only the strategic submarines type 094, and type of non-nuclear submarine «Golf» — 629A diesel submarine project. Fully probable situation that the tests conducted one submarine — 094 class submarines can carry 12 SLBM JL-2, which is an upgrade of an ICBM «DF-31" for the submarine-based. R.Fishera worldview — a demonstration of the fact that after a couple of years, "idle", the rocket began to intensively prepare to take on the armament. If all about what happens, the missile submarine strategic focus in 2012 will be released for combat duty with missiles on board. In practice, the 6 latest missile launches mean that the PLA was able to overcome and solve all the technical issues and rocket is the status of the latest missiles for strategic submarines.

The Pentagon represented spokesman Captain D.Kirbi also read that they are constantly looking for Chinese applets "Tszyuylan-2", and noted that the Chinese military had technical prepyadstviya in developing submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The yearly report, namely, regarding China's armed forces, predicted the new tests of the SLBMs and their success of the People's Liberation Army will get a bunch of "Tszyuylan-2 SLBM / SSBN" Jin "Project 094, which will be the first real submarine strategic solution capable of China's nuclear deterrent.

Another expert R.Klif — a specialist in the field of research of Chinese weapons, said the magazine «Defense News» about the likelihood of a severe Chinese missile tests. He pointed to the possibility of testing PKBR «DF-21D». If the tests of the missile still held, the value of their own, they do not yield trials JL-2 SLBMs. These significant achievements applies first flight of the Chinese stealth fighter «J-20", which took place in 2010. It did not go there and without a policy — the Chinese government, these tests may be timed to future elections in the peninsula of Taiwan. An example of such solutions — the election in '96, while China produced in the north and south of the island missile tests in the hope of intimidating the population and affect the final election.

SLBM "Tszyuylan-2"
In the literal translation of the title of the rocket sounds like "Big Wave 2". Ordering of NATO — CSS-N-4. Designed as a two-step rocket distant acts on the hard fuel. Accommodation — when making armament, will be the main weapon class 094 submarines "Jin". The missile is an upgraded missiles of intercontinental range, "Dunphy-31." Warhead missiles is no clear evidence as to fulfill the head.

The main features:
Range acts 8-12 thousand kilometers;
— weight of about 20 tons;
— length of about 11 meters;
— range missiles 100 cm;
— apogee of the trajectory 1 a thousand miles;
— combat load of 0.7 tonnes;
— The expected power 90 kilotons.

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