China: The ways of cooperation

China: The ways of cooperation

China — the only government Five of the countries participating in the UN Security Council possess nuclear weapons, which do not provide any disk imaging on its nuclear program there and the prospects for its development.

But the military and economic potential of China and its role in international politics, the impact on the ability of disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is much more than other countries in the world except Russia and the United States.

It is worth to note that the Russian Federation, and the United States publish information on the full amount of nuclear weapons and its properties, limited only by his views, which are indicated in the contract on strategic offensive arms. China is, along with Britain and France, not a party to these agreements. All the same, and the United Kingdom, and France, being open democracies, provide detailed information about their nuclear program notes. Such openness is dictated, namely, protection and guarantees of these countries as members of NATO with the United States.

In 2010, America released additional information about replacement of U.S. nuclear weapons, including the dynamics of the historical development of the number of nuclear weapons for the period of 1945-2010 years.

At the same time, it is worth noting that in Russia and the United States, as well as in the UK and France, published a huge number of informal analytical and factual data on nuclear weapons: it provides a detailed feature the full amount, types of weapons, and technical specifications including the historical development and future prospects.

Pakistan, India and China, on the contrary, all the information on nuclear weapons given in general terms, without providing any evidence. And Israel generally denies that the country has this type of weapon, but at the same time does not prevent the publication of evaluations of professionals on this issue appear to be using them as vneglasnogo strategy of nuclear deterrence.

China, Democratic People's Republic of official instead of the actual disk imaging generally provides a huge number of abstracts and doctrinal statements, which said that China follows the principles of peaceful conflict resolution, held strategy of non-aggression, and non-use of nuclear weapons against at least some of the non-nuclear states.

In the near future, China published a huge amount of disk imaging analysis of the stability of the nuclear forces, the ability role in the negotiations on nuclear disarmament. For this purpose, the Republic of China should provide tribute to the economic, political and vennoe development, equal to the U.S. and Russia, and thus prevent the dominance of these countries in the negotiations.

To achieve such a balance of Washington offers to recognize China's sovereignty over Tibet, Taiwan and Xinjiang, refusing upcoming control over these issues. Also to the proposed "strategic trust", which implies providing nuclear guarantees, mutual recognition of the vulnerability of allied countries, ensuring the reduction of nuclear weapons by the elimination of ammunition. These points also apply to Russia. In response, the Chinese government makes demands confidence and refusal of the Russian Federation and the United States on the implementation of priority of nuclear weapons.

Officially, the Chinese government proves the content of these nuclear weapons in complete secrecy so that the number of such weapons are very few and can not compete with other states, "five." Because to maintain nuclear deterrence strategy, China is interested in such data uncertainty. Do not forget the fact that China — the only government which officially has no right to use nuclear weapons first, with no exceptional cases not foreseen. Perhaps to prove this commitment the Chinese authorities have made a statement that in peacetime nuclear warheads are stored separately from the rockets.

Is adopted that government, took on a similar commitment is based on the availability of funds for retaliation. But at the current time, Chinese nuclear forces, in general, as the whole system is so inefficient that the possibility of nuclear retaliation is equal to zero. Because the application of the PRC considered stylish military-political propaganda, which does not reflect the real situation. Zde, faster, more visible opportunity preemptive nuclear strike in case of danger.

First nuclear weapons tests were conducted in China in 1964. International experts at they say that the country has about 24 tons of enriched uranium, and up to 4.8 tons of plutonium in nuclear weapons materials ammunition.

Not so long ago, this information has been updated. So Makarov, said that currently China is armed with 17 ballistic missiles obsolete liquid "Dongfang-3A", 17 intercontinental ballistic missiles stationary "Dongfang-4", 20 missiles "Dongfang-5A." A new generation of nuclear weapons is about 30 "Dongfang-31" and "Dongfang-31A", and 60 solid-fuel mobile ballistic missiles, "Dongfang-21." Also predicted that by 2015 the number of "Dongfang-31A" will reach 100 units. Also in service with the Republic is about 6-10 solid intercontinental missiles "Dongfang-41" with multiple warheads for ground mobile and railway installations.

As for the over-and underwater nuclear weapons, up to the moment of real Chinese government at times used a missile nuclear submarine pilot of the "Xia" with 12 launchers like "Dzhulang-1." At under construction and several submarines "Gene" with 12 missiles "Dzhulang-2" any.

Aviation is a component of the nuclear bomber "Hong-6" (it is outdated machines, a copy of the Tu-16 development of the 50s).

Despite the fact that Beijing denies the existence and implementation of tactical and operational nuclear weapons, China is in the unfolded state about 100 complexes of the "Dongfang-15", "Dongfang-15A", also "Dongfang-11" and "Dongfang-11A . " In addition, China uses and ground-launched cruise missiles, "Dongfang-10", the total number of which is about 500 units. But most of them do not have nuclear weapons and is used for attacks on American destroyers and land of the rising sun with missile defense "Aegis". At times armament come and air-launched cruise missiles to bombers' Hong-6 ".

A strike aircraft that could carry bombs, not counting the bombers' Kian-5 "is presented and new aircraft, analogs Russian Su-30 and Su-35.

So Makar, nuclear China's potential is estimated at 240 warheads, which automatically makes it the third nuclear state in the world after the U.S. and Russia.

No vibrations that China, through in-house technical and economic potential, capable of frisky build nuclear weapons that in 10-15 years of age may catch up with the forces of the Russian Federation and the United States. There is also the possibility that all of the data is incorrect and foreign experts of the nuclear forces are much higher. It is not in vain in the press from time to time there is information about the construction of China's huge tunnels extending up to 5 thousand kilometers. These tunnels are very significant for the storage of the nuclear warheads that there is officially in the country. In addition, construction of tunnels being conducted by the Artillery Corps, which is responsible for the s
trategic ground armament.

Because the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency put forward conjectures that these facilities are designed for storage of nuclear warheads nestled reserves and spare missiles.

Because such statements becomes clear blurring of the official disk imaging China's nuclear arsenal. The government wants to hide this makarom not a "small number", but, on the contrary, the redundancy of nuclear ammunition.

A similar situation is forcing China to take into account in all future discussions of the US-Russian agreement to reduce nuclear arsenal after the signing of a new contract of nuclear deterrence.

China hopes to teach Russian-US negotiation strategies and methods do not seem likely. After all, the Government of the Republic has the experience on the part of strategic stability and wants sformirovyvaetsya its strategic doctrine, promoting it on all the negotiations.

At that point, China is concerned about the development of the U.S. funds WTO gallakticheskih cruise missiles and intelligence systems, communication and navigation. Another cause for concern — gallakticheskogo piloted aircraft X-37B, also start of the "Light Minotaur IV».

Fascinating is the fact that China, as well as our homeland, the United States suspects in the ability of such systems against these countries. So Makar, the only probable conflict, which considers the government of the Republic — is an armed conflict with the United States because of attempts to solve the Taiwan problem of power means.

Regarding the naval strategic forces, the Chinese government is seriously concerned about the possibility of States to reflect the impacts of underwater missiles from the coastal waters with a missile defense system in California and Alaska, as the U.S. ships and land of the rising sun. In the event of the open ocean data system would have been frail for the detection of Chinese missiles. This would require a build-up by adding gallakticheskih and marine systems maintenance and detection. America is able to make such a system, if will continue to pursue the goal of China's nuclear deterrent.

Because the official position of the Middle Kingdom is that the countries that own huge nuclear arsenal, should not distant future to reduce their arsenals. Such statements they say that China is in this step is not willing to negotiate on the limitation of nuclear weapons.

Despite all the statements China can be uniformly engage in negotiations on disarmament. To achieve this is not so hard: the United States and our homeland must acknowledge their own vulnerability to retaliation and theoretical obligation not to try to weaken the potential of using different kinds of offensive weapons and defensive systems.

So Makar, connecting China to the nuclear disarmament negotiations — is to first make adjustments to the military policy of the Russian Federation and the United States.

Apart from the merits of consensus in the nuclear negotiations, Russia and China should be seen as a credible economic and political partner, even despite the fact that Russia is interested in the Celestial Kingdom solely to the extent that it may be useful. In other words, in the case of the creation of a suitable environment Chinese business will come to Russia, though Russian interests will be taken into account only if they coincide with the Chinese.

China embarked on market development, having its own production, but he was able to increment GDP growth by 30 times, and the turnover of foreign trade has increased 135 times. Even in the criteria crisis, China was able to increase the GDP by 9.2 percent, while in Russia it fell by 7.2 per cent.
On this day the Republic of China — is second in terms of economic development country world, although indicators such as electronics assembly, steel production and mining of coal, China has long been in the first place.

The plans of the Chinese government — to bring the government to first place in the economic and political indicators. And it is entirely feasible. Indeed, since 2005, China has become the world leader in the number of gold and currency reserves. During the crisis, he bought heavily gold Baksova reduced the portion of reserves and thus Makar increment own gold and currency reserves up to 3 trillion dollars, overtaking Japan and Russia. External debt of the Middle Kingdom is 10 times less than its reserve.

Due to the fact that the world began to sound on the necessity for international payments in gold, China announced minting of golden yuan.
Apart from the fact that China is rapidly developing itself, it looks for the development of their own neighbors. In the Republic of studies are often of Economic Development. The Chinese have a suitable knowledge of the case to the probable development of economic relations, but only for the benefit of their own country. After all, if previously Our homeland and China worked together as partners, is currently exclusively Russian government reincarnated into a supplier of raw materials. Catchy example — the Russian government plans to lay a pipeline to China, but agree on an acceptable price for gas itself can not.

Another, more fundamental issue remains the possibility verbovaniya Chinese capital. Until nedavneshnego time Russian authorities targeted only to the Russian capital, which resulted in virtually complete equipment wear. More appropriate According to experts, it would realize a part of Chinese companies on the criteria of complete modernization.

To all of the above, you need to add also that China is one of the favorites for the export of capital, leaving behind countries such as Canada and England. Because fundamentally lure Republic to participate in the preferential criteria in the development of Russian infrastructure: construction of homes and roads, creation of the social field.

In addition, it is necessary to conclude a bilateral agreement on the ability of the training of various specialties, as well verbovaniya Chinese to work in Russia. But you need to make the conditions to ensure the safety of their stay in the Russian countryside.

Build a deal with China to the principles of cooperation, not competition, and chaotic, erratic movements reincarnate themselves into profitable conditions.

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