China to have a possible ally or an enemy?

Our homeland and China have a long history of the neighborhood, in which there were conflicts and mutually beneficial cooperation. And at the present time the country has many areas of activity where it is possible and necessary to cooperate or is already active interaction. Thus, the global policy of China and Russia have a monotonous position on the war in Libya. Many common interests in the economic sphere, in the sphere of military-technical cooperation.

Beijing and Moscow are repetitive positions and the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system, which has a mobile component (including the marine component) — it is possible threat for Russian and Chinese nuclear capabilities. The overall concern is the development of U.S. capabilities application frisky global strike with the introduction of strategic non-nuclear weapons, and placing strike weapons in space. Our homeland and China have identical positions on Afghanistan — they are concerned about the likely scenario for the spread of distemper Islamic adjacent area. Beijing and Moscow against increased pressure on Iran, the two powers have there own enthusiasm, and it is unprofitable war of the West against the Persians.

Chinese elites are well aware of their own weaknesses and weaknesses of other majestic powers. Their main principle in the current time — this caution, they say, "wait and see", but at the time of the Middle Kingdom. Every year, China secures its armed forces, growth of economic power, the development of domestic infrastructure, grow the ability of domestic demand, increasing the standard of living of large masses of the population. At this time, the Western world is experiencing a lot of problems — the real crisis, financialeconomic, social, state, etc. Favourite West — USA evenly losing ground to China in Africa, in the Arab world, in South-East Asia, the Chinese are on the heels of the Yankees, even in Latin America.

In Beijing, understand the fact that in Russia there is a serious fear in view of the fact that China just two decades turned into the real power of the first rank. And this at a time when Russia is experiencing a lot of problems — the demographic (especially unsafe by the fact that the largest population loss occurred in the Urals — in Siberia and the Far East), the decline of the armed forces, strengthening the orientation of the economy on the raw materials sector, the violation of food safety wear infrastructure, the expansion of the administrative body. "China threat" has become for many people of the Russian Federation more unsafe than the usual threats from the West. Causes fear and a real financial expansion of China in Mongolia, the Central Asian republics, the penetration of the Chinese people in Ukraine, Belarus. China has almost niches where previously ruled the Soviet Union.

For Beijing, the birthplace of our very principled — power is dependent on the supply of resources, and much of it goes by sea, maritime communication is very vulnerable because supplies from Russia have tremendous strategic importance. Because in China there is fear that if Moscow really be redirected to the West, "European integration", the gradual incorporation into the structures of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, China will face the danger of complete encirclement. Indeed, in the current time on the westbound hard situation — an old rival, India is increasing its defense power, the Islamists in Afghanistan and the U.S. base. On the east — the whole enemy's line of defense, Japan — South Korea — Taiwan — Vietnam — Philippines, which the U.S. supports. In the south, there is also absolutely calm and friendly regimes. Just north direction is not dangerous. Because Beijing is very close eye on US-Russian relations. Full adoption of the Russian Federation on the position of the Western world in the field of foreign policy carries the risk of complete isolation of China.

During the speech of President Dmitry Medvedev at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, he said that the parties plan to increment by 2020 Russian-Chinese trade turnover to $ 200 billion. bucks and saw that one of the main areas of cooperation of Russia and China will be the energy area. Although the process of negotiating anticipated event — the signing of an agreement on the supply of Russian gas to China did not take place. The parties could not agree on the cost of gas. The agreement provides for the supply of 30 billion. cubic meters of gas from fields in Western Siberia for at least 30 years of age. In parallel, discusses the question of giving the Chinese side of in the payment of a 10-s billion dollars.

Beijing is true time in respect of the Russian Federation held a so-called economic diplomacy — economic interdependence, according to this diplomacy more financial interdependence, the better things in other areas. Countries to mutually terminate unprofitable business.

On the danger of Russian Far East

The knowledge of the fact that in the border regions of Russia with China live about 200 million people (more than the entire population of the Russian Federation), and the population is Russian regions on the other side of the border is only 5 million people, is understandable fear. Some analysts even believe that China is planning to take away by force from the Russian Far East region.

But the threat of faster internal factor, not outside — the main reason for which the weakness of the Russian Federation. If Moscow pursued a deliberate policy of the Far East, including the demographic policy aimed at growth of the Russian population, the question of the danger would not be. It is clear that the Chinese elite, in the case of the collapse of the Russian Federation will be required to respond, including the inclusion of its sphere of influence in the eastern regions of Russia. And at the current time, China is more interested in the development of economic projects, secure the supply chain resources for the rapidly growing economy. Even its demographic expansion in the main focused on the more southern countries, in the same Africa.

On the strategic alliance between Moscow and Beijing

Our homeland and China agreed in external policies can make a powerful center of power, which can help restore balance to the planet. After the fall of the USSR and the socialist system, the Western world has almost become the full owner of the planet, leading to destabilization, an increase of conflict situations. Our home at the present time can not make up for this loss by virtue of his own helplessness. China, though very rose, also alone can not counteract the West. China is surrounded by a strong potential enemies, cost associated with the West, but together the two powers could become a serious force.

Already there are great examples of concerted action by China and Russia on Iran — powers supported the UN sanctions and did not agree to the full membership of Tehran in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. But with all this "do not burn bridges." China and Russia consistently expressed its position in relation to the situation in Libya. There is a big possibility that the actions of China and Russia would be able to suspend the anger against Syria and Iran. Participants nedavneshnego SCO summit in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), including China, have condemned any one-sided applets to establish missile defense systems.

Military programs from the U.S., first missile defense system and high-precision non-nuclear weapons created for the "prompt global strike" can serve as a good incentive for the coming convergence of Beijing and Moscow. In China serious about these actions, USA: increased survival of strategic deterrence forces, created large
-scale air-raid shelters for thousands of seats, improved missile-defense system. As long as Beijing keeps the concept of "minimum nuclear deterrent," but the United States can act to force the Chinese elite to revise it, to develop their own nuclear arms race. Chinese nuclear potential is smaller because of Russian and Chinese South American acts to establish a missile defense system under great threat than Russia.


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