China told the world about their own gallakticheskoy program there for the next 5 years

China told the world about its space program for next five yearsDespite the fact that China in 2007, destroyed the meteorological satellite anti-satellite missile, which has fulfilled its own resources, the country is aggressively seeking to convince the inhabitants of the planet, that it gallakticheskaya the program has only peaceful disposition.

It is clear that only recently (December 29), China, represented by the Municipal Council, has issued a so-referred to as the snow-white book, which reports to the basic plans for space exploration over the next 5 years. Among the main Fri gallakticheskoy Chinese utilities that are unmanned mission to the Moon (including the selection of the soil), the new space station, and also the global satellite positioning system state. In addition, during the said five years, intend to launch into space about 100 gallakticheskih devices.

The tone of the report was survived only in festive style, but China is fully aware that its rapid development as a gallakticheskoy powers, of course, will claim further explanation. Foreign military analysts worry that the elimination of an orbiting satellite by China, will form the base of the arms race gallakticheskih. Zabugornye governments expressed their outrage over this event in Beijing, due to which the orbit of the planet, now there are 10's of hundreds gallakticheskih debris.

By the way in the report on winding up the satellite did not mention. Still, China seems to have started for some measures to control gallakticheskogo debris. Again from China and voiced confidence energetic commitment to using gallakticheskogo place exclusively for peaceful purposes. It was also made a statement that the government will "make the protection system gallakticheskih devices from different gallakticheskogo garbage."

It should be noted that if the Chinese plans to give up this issue, then this country will get naimoschneyshim (in comparison with the rest of the world) and reliable fleet of various gallakticheskih systems, many of which will bear within themselves, only military applications. But there is also reason to believe that China's own activities will not be able to make anything horrendous, so as extending its gallakticheskie ability, he will be obliged to adhere to the existing international rules on the matter.


At the current time, China's satellites out into space with the help of special and have little power boosters. And in the next 5 years, China plans to use the latest RN Long March-5 (or the "Great pass-5"), which can lead to low-Earth orbit payloads, whose mass is 25 tons. This figure exceeds by more than two times the capacity available at least some Chinese rocket. And with the launch vehicle, this country will be able to place in orbit reconnaissance satellites languid having equipment that is of the highest resolution.

In addition the PLA also wants to have a group of satellites and radar reconnaissance electrical in geostationary orbit (about 35 thousand kilometers), and this will allow fully Chinese aircraft to monitor the entire planet. At present, on said orbit (geostationary), China has only light communication satellites.

Apart from this, the report reveals the development of a new launch vehicle, such as Long March-6, which was characterized as "bystrozapuskaemuyu" RN to promptly put into orbit satellites lungs. These PH contribute to China to rapidly increase the ability of intelligence from satellites in the event of natural disasters or in anticipation of a potential military conflict.


Note that in the above snow-white book, reported the development of reconnaissance satellites. The report states that "as early as 2010, China officially launched the development of the special importance of the project, namely: the creation of sensing satellite system (remote) of the planet, which has a higher resolution." Over the past two months, China launched three satellites, which, as experts believe, pomnozhat ability of this country to satellite intelligence. And is expected soon, and more precisely in the month of January 2012, will be launched into orbit next gear (4th) such purpose.


We specify that China, have sufficient time to develop their system similar American GPS. And the PLA believe that in case of military conflict, school will be cut off or restrict signals GPS. Specifically for this reason that China, in general, as well as the European Union, and our homeland, does the global positioning system. Their system, called Beidou («Compass") will work in the Asia-Pacific region since 2012 (APR), and after a couple of years, in other words, by 2020, it must be one hundred percent form and provide global coverage (about 35 satellites). It should be noted that the satellite positioning system has become an integral part of modern military operations, for example, it is necessary for missile guidance, which by the way is very crucial for the Chinese which quickly and actively seeks to develop its own missile forces.

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