China took Pakistan under his wing

Islamabad continues its policy of "cooling" of relations with the United States, going to more cooperation with China, finds other allies. This is confirmed by all the recent announcements — nedavneshny Pakistani President Zardari's visit to Russia, sharply criticized the U.S. action in Pakistan to eliminate bin Laden, Pakistani shelling of a South American military helicopter, a statement of the Pakistani defense minister need to build a naval base in the country of China, under pressure from the United States Islamabad will reduce its group of forces in Pakistan.

The main reason for the "cool" between the U.S. and Pakistan

U.S. true time engaged in "igniting" of Eurasia, to switch attention from their own problems, which could lead to a repetition of the fate States USSR collapse, outbursts of violence, and if they succumb to end up to be a superpower. Because group of "patriots" in the middle of the elite U.S. pushes its intense difficulty for the whole world. You can bring in a "victim" and an old ally. Washington in this plan continues the policy of London, he has a "permanent interests", and endless allies there. Con European Alliance — war in Libya, the wave of migrants, the growth of nationalism. Provoke a war on the Korean peninsula, the unrest in the Arab countries in the Caucasus, across Eurasia.

Pakistan in this regard "perfect target": a permanent conflict with India, the mass of discontented and poor, massive structural position Islamist government, which is between the "Scylla and Charybdis" — between the discontent of the people due to cooperation with the West and the United States and the States, which they accuse of harboring terrorists (for example, killed bin Laden).

In the case of the Islamic Revolution or civilian war Pakistan Washington in solid pros: will remove "the Moor" — Pakistan in his time well to assist in the war with the Russian Union in Afghanistan, will cause a simultaneous attack on its possible adversaries — China, India, Iran, Turkey, Russia, won the time to solve their own problems. In the "controlled chaos" will further strengthen its position with new municipalities is always easier to "work."

Back in 2006 there was the so-called "map of Peters' on it Pakistan will be split: Balochistan is highlighted, the land of Pashtuns depart Afghanistan. Another important factor — the struggle of U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agencies for control of drug trafficking, Americans are kept under the control of a significant part of it, but want to get all this enormous profits. Another reason for the split of Pakistan — energy, focused on Baloch land significant energy supplies (approximately 40% of the territory of the country, the most sparsely populated, desert, inapplicable to life a part of Pakistan) — of the approximately 25.1 billion. cubic meters of natural gas 19 billion concentrated in Balochistan, the same holds much of Pakistan's oil. There also has to undergo a strategic Iran-Pakistan-India, plus the port of Gwadar. U.S. intelligence agencies along with English (those usually strong position in the region) made from the ground up and grouping "Balochistan Liberation Forces."

In 2009, the plan was voiced by the U.S. invasion of Pakistan and capture its nuclear arsenal in the event that there is a danger of coming to power of "extremists."


Of course, the Pakistani military and political elite, at least part of it, understands it all. Here are Pakistan and "spinning like a snake in the pan", trying to strengthen its position. Even to the old enemy, Russia came to their president and made a bunch of suggestions, including the admission of "Gazprom" to the development of mineral resources of the country.

Defense Minister Ahmad Mukhtar said: "We could be … grateful to the Chinese government if a naval base … was built at Gwadar in Pakistan." This port, which was being built with the participation of China, opened in 2007. But then the idea of placing it in the naval base of Chinese frozen. In addition, during the visit of the Prime Minister Pakistan Yusuf Reza Gilani to China signed an agreement on the accelerated delivery of the Chinese side an additional batch of fighters JF-17 Thunde of 50 units. This is the second batch of these fighters — Islamabad has already acquired a batch of 50 fighters Thunder, assembling them are on the ground in Pakistan — are already in service with two squadrons and 18 aircraft.

May 19 urged China to respect the sovereignty and independence of Pakistan, this Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said. According to the Indian press, they refer to Pakistani diplomatic sources, another Beijing on May 9 after the Chinese delegation in Washington "unequivocally warned that though any attack on Pakistan would be considered an attack on China."

In addition, under the pressure of Islamabad, the United States began to reduce its military presence in the country, Pakistan is the main Special personnel, he was engaged in training the Pakistani military and law enforcement agencies. The U.S. has already begun their withdrawal.

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