China — U.S. aircraft carriers in the situation with all the hard (International Herald Leader, China)

Since then, when the first of June in our newspaper ran an article about an American carrier battle group that is about to enter into the Yellow Sea to conduct military exercises, the information about it tickles the nerves and China, and the United States to South Korea. On the days of the South American and Korean military voiced news, according to which, south american aircraft carrier "Washington" will not once again go into the waters of the Yellow Sea, and change course for the role of exercise in the Sea of Japan. Latin American carriers ply as ghosts along the Chinese border as early as during the 10-s years, and "Washington" — not the first, nor the last South American aircraft carrier, Getting close to the Chinese coast. What should be the Chinese response to the occurrence of the following U.S. aircraft carriers from Chinese banks and their real input into the Yellow Sea? In the relations between China and the United States the issue is of particular importance.

Carriers have long been considered as a sign of America's military, diplomatic, and strategic deterrence. What's all the same for China, since the 90s of the last century and right up to the beginning of the 21st century, sometimes appearing in the coastal waters of South American aircraft carriers were played in most of his "shameful" role of first violin in China's military intimidation.

Since the beginning of the new century, due to the steady improvement of Sino-US relations, despite the fact that the silhouettes of aircraft carriers as "Kitty Hawk", "Reagan", "Lincoln," "John C. Stennis" and "Washington" in the twinkling waters and the Yellow and East China and South China seas, and even in the Taiwan Strait, but their activity near the Chinese coast markedly decreased, as well as markedly decreased awesome color scheme of this activity. Despite this, she continues as before to play the role of "weather vane" as a change in the development of bilateral relations and in the relations between the military of both countries. The distance at which the South American AUG are from the Chinese coast, China on issues concerning their stay in Hong Kong — all of this can be seen through the prism of strategic plans and the results of a 2-game powers.

While this time the question "would go or not go," Washington "in the Yellow Sea?" Evokes such a keen enthusiasm because, in fact, the nature of its origin lies far beyond the military exercises. In fact, a long-time South American AUG several times a year find their presence in the Yellow Sea on a yearly joint exercises with South Korea near the Korean peninsula or simply carrying out combat patrols, but the difference lies in their remoteness from the Chinese coast. Now aircraft carrier "Washington" in the end, decided not to go to the Yellow Sea, as due to the very tight maneuvers applets, and because of the fact that the Chinese authorities have made unprecedented series of successive statements, expressing a clear position against the teachings of the role of the South American aircraft carriers that rarely occurred in the history of Sino-US relations.

"The incident with maneuvers in the Yellow Sea" indicates that his background is formed by a complex "situation with aircraft carriers," when directly behind the continued expansion of China's claims on its maritime rights and interests, and the steady process of modernizing its navy, China's relevant to the formation of a reliable sea " Arc security "that would protect its growing maritime economic zone through the creation (first in military terms) of the" forbidden area "for aircraft carriers. U.S. same as before, as in the years of the "Cold War", will try to make "the blockade of China," in which the best inventory to exert military pressure is AUG. From a strategic point of view, in fact it will not turn to avoid a collision between the formation of the Chinese "rollover" and South American "blockade" and the Sino-American game "to be or not to be aircraft carriers (near the Chinese coast)", without any doubt, will become farther, so fierce.

The adage "Shang Bin F mou" (one of the tenets of the treatise by Sun Tzu "The Art of War", roughly means "before you start think over troops strategic plan for victory over the enemy, "which corresponds to our expression" voyuy not the number and skill "; interpretation is taken according to the Chinese online encyclopedia" Baidu "- approx. per.) applied to "a difficult situation with aircraft carriers" can decrypt followed by first have to conduct a "verbal attack", which clearly important to find the fundamental interests of the Chinese coastal regions (the interior of the Yellow Sea "gates of Beijing-Tianjin", "areas Jiangsu and Shandong provinces "and" areas "ribs security"), public discussion of a U.S. aircraft carrier to raise the level of strategic relations between China and the United States also hold political and diplomatic pressure on the United States until such time as they give up their own plans.

But ordinary "verbal attacks" are ineffective and should be backed up by a second plan of "civilized war preparations" means itself immediately with the introduction of all the political, diplomatic, military manufacturing techniques, such as, for example, how to act to prevent observation of the main targets in the coastal areas, increased monitoring and escorting South American aircraft carriers, conducting counter-maneuvers in the major sea areas, and others.

If Americans do not pay attention to the rigid Chinese opposition and strengthen its presence in the Chinese seaside, creating a huge threat to China's sovereignty and security of the country, together with the control and supervision should be taken in time to be of strategic counter-terror. Specifically: on the one hand — strategic submarines have to go out to sea in advance of the specified positions distant land-based missile systems must be brought into a state of over-alertness (as in the case of war), on the other hand — you need to have on the South American AUG sufficient military pressure and the risk of aircraft carriers means to achieve their strategic objectives of counter-terror.

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