China vs Our homeland: the military might of the East opponent grows

Rating weapons placed not so long ago, yet removes the RF 2nd place (immediately behind the U.S.), but the situation could be exchanged.

GlobalFirepower published international ranking military power as of 2011. In it, he placed the Russian Federation in second place. First row took the United States, and the third placed China. In the framework laid rating 45 characteristics that reveal military potential. It is based on data from the CIA, the U.S. Defense Department and the public domain (statistical reports, military publications).

In 2011, the ranking of the 55 states increased at the expense of new members: Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Qatar, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore and Ethiopia. Expert structure studied the following properties:
— Size of the army (composition);
— The number of arms by air, naval and ground forces;
— The volume of financing of the army.

The nuclear potential in this ranking does not matter that looks somewhat surprising, but fairly predictable. Indeed, in the small local conflicts, it just is not necessary, as in the case of the Third World will not be the favorites.

But even without the U.S. nuclear weapons look very impressive: the number of troops is seeking 1.5 million people in the land comes to technology about 56,300 units of the air force — about 18,200 units of the naval army — about 2,400 units. In terms of funding, it is 692 billion dollars.

Our homeland loses U.S. on all items, except for military land vehicles. Her number is estimated at about 91.700 units. All other characteristics of more modest than that of the United States. Thus, the number of troops is about 1.2 million people, the number of military air equipment — 2,700 units, navy — 233 units. The costs of maintaining combat readiness of the country amounted to "only" 56 billion dollars. So Makar, the defense budget is 10 times less than the United States.

But this relationship was clear for a long time before the publication of the rankings. But about China, who broke into the top three best fast amazed by many characteristics. Thus, strength Army is, neither more nor less, 2.3 million people. The terrestrial technology has become the order of 22,800 units, air force — about four thousand, and navy — 562 units. As for the cost of "defense", then China, they passed for 100 billion dollars. So Makar, in many positions Celestial surpasses Russia.

The country's post-Soviet bloc is rated far not the bad position. If Georgia is on the 50th place, Ukraine — on the 20th. Size of the army last assessed almost 160 thousand people, while in the land art comes 20.800 units of the air force — about a thousand units, while in the Navy — 70 units. Financing remains quite modest: 1.2 billion U.S. dollars.
As for malehankih but proud of Georgia, here the number of the army is around 37,000 people. If you compare with the Ukraine, where the population is 10 times larger, the Georgian army is quite countless, only 4.3 times smaller than Ukrainian. If Yanukovych will bring the number of their own troops to the same percentage of the total population, it will be about 400,000 people.

As for the other characteristics of the Georgian army, and everything is pretty timid. The land military vehicles — about 3,600 units, air forces — 654 units, appliances Navy — 9 units, and funding is allocated to only half a billion U.S. dollars.

So Makar, the main danger for the Russian army is China. Hramchihin Alexander, head of the analytical department IPVA (Institute of Political and Military Analysis), offered to change places, China and Russia. According to him, for a variety of characteristics, China has long been left to the leading position in the world. There is a growing defense budget and industry. Only in the year 2010 the cost of the formation of the army increased by 8%. As for the U.S., they occupy the first place in the world for the highest manufacturability of the army and a massive fleet.

The expert also said that the Chinese and South American military budgets — is not comparable numbers. After all, about one-fifth of the funds goes to the conduct of military campaigns in the hot spots of the world — Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, they are required to expend huge amounts on personnel. Social protection is a fighter there simply is incomparable to that which is in China and Russia.

Continuing the policy of strengthening the army, China can not only catch up with the U.S. in the coming decade, and become an arms race. Beijing does not consider it necessary to match its ambitions with the advanced countries. Namely, it was stated that the cost of the formation of the army for the year 2011 will be increased by 13 percent. At the same time, China is known tendency to underestimate the cost of "defense". According to the views of some analysts, the real figure may be higher than the declared 2-3.

There have GlobalFirepower and its critics. They say that in modern warfare, tanks, planes, ships far not play a crucial role. Nuclear missiles — that's a real indicator of power. But do not agree with the master branch. In their opinion, because of nuclear missiles can only guarantee the absence of large-scale war, which will involve a huge number of countries. As for the local controversies, here are necessary maneuvering tanks, clear bombs, drones and other "light" weapons.

By emphasizing the trend of the future, in accordance with which the war will be fought over resources, no one will want to spoil the area of nuclear weapons. Because then it will lose grip meaningless. Taking into account that most of global resources is on the territory of Russia, it is not just to increase military potential, but to make it technologically advanced, agile, high-spirited.

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