China vs. U.S. — simulation of a military clash

China vs. U.S. - simulation of a military clashAfter the disappearance of the Soviet Union from the political map, the main topic of debate for the people close to the military theme, was the question: who will overcome the confrontation between the United States and in China? However, the need to immediately recognize that these disputes are almost always sensual coloring in the spirit of "Uzho the hour — and presumptuous Pindos Chinese can fight!", The seemingly partly in revenge for the blame in the breakup of the Soviet Union the United States. But is it true these expectations? So whether China is strong? Let's deal on Wed.

A comparison of the number of

Even a person infinitely distant from the army and military affairs, in an argument on the subject necessarily "killer", from his point of view, the argument that the Chinese — Straseni much, they are terribly cohesive, self-sacrifice and even with spears at the ready at least some numbers overwhelm the enemy.

Purely mathematically, it's correct. In time of war, if the industry is to pass on the shoulders of women and the elderly (age of recruitment in China is completed in 50 years), it is possible to mobilize a total of 600 million boys. This is, of course, a terrible figure.

But if you do not operate with marginal figures, and associate the armed forces in peacetime, in other words — the regular army, ready for military operations immediately, then it turns out that China and the U.S. do not differ from each other.


China: PLA ground forces — 1.6 million. Here are summarized all together — mechanized infantry, tank crews, artillery, etc. Total — 118 infantry divisions, 13 armored divisions, 33 artillery divisions and the Air Defense Division, 71 Regiment and 21 Battalion (auxiliaries).

U.S. army — 540000 man. You can make the objection that it is three times less than in China. Take your time — we're still not considered very significant additions to this figure. The main striking force of the United States — is not the army, and the Marine Corps, who first stormed the enemy. This is a — an additional 200 000 people. And add to this the 360,000 National Guard fighter. This is not just a "territorial militia" type of German Landwehr, and fully combat-ready active part. In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has taken the role of 300,000 guardsmen.

So, all under the gun in the U.S. is 1.1 million people. Yes, it is smaller than that of China, but the gap is not particularly great, and we will have the most exciting in subsequent comparisons.

Technique — the most exciting

The exciting thing begins by comparing the technology 2-armies.

Let's start with the armored vehicles. The numbers in the various sources they say different, but some have China around 8000 the main tanks from 3 to 4.5 thousand armored and infantry fighting vehicles, the number of ACS could not be found. But — what is all the same for 8000 tanks? How did you learn the most numerous modern tank is a "Type-96C", which is actually an analogue of Russian T-72 (the Chinese copied Soviet gun 70s 2A46M and just put a diesel engine) — they are in the PLA to 3000 pieces. There are also the most modern machine "Type-99", in general, copied from the Japanese tank "Type-90", but such machines only about 600-800. So, in the modern PLA is only half of the tank — the second half of a "Type 59" and "Type 69", analogues of Russian T-55 and T-62. In 1991, Iraq was lost 1,500 of these tanks caught was not able to resist "Abrams".

USA — 9100 tanks "Abrams" all modifications. Even the most of early versions of M1 does not yield • Types 59 and 69.

But the truly surprising when comparing the number of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. It seems that China is serious thought: go to their — a luxury for a fighter. At least, at 4.5 million U.S. armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles meets the 6700 M-113 armored personnel carriers, 151 000 vehicles HMMWV, 9400 BMP "Bradley", 3000 BMP "Stryker". As leaders of the PLA plan to maneuver their 118 motorized infantry divisions, as long as each of them, it is easy to count on the 38 cars? A 38 cars — is 400-500 people per car, and another 10 thousand in each division — on foot?

But the apotheosis of comparisons is unparalleled aviation!

Let's start with an indispensable versatile machines on the battlefield — helicopters. In China they are, at least in this hard to believe — 130 pieces (for 2008). Again — 100 (30 words) pieces. In the U.S. — only attack helicopters "Apache" 800, 547 and multi-purpose helicopters UH-1 and 1100 UH-60, plus a huge amount of surveillance helicopters and trucks. All this makes it a great advantage in the U.S. and anti-wrestling, and mobility of troops and provide fire support on the battlefield.

But gaining air superiority jet aircraft. What awaits us here?

First — the total numbers: China has a total of 1,382 combat aircraft, not counting the hundreds of vehicles around. The U.S. — 1681 Fighter 4 and 5 generations, 345 ground attack aircraft, 162 strategic bombers, plus a 823 freighter.

But the 1382 "combat aircraft" China's air force on closer examination are forced to just cry! 380 of them — Chengdu J-7, the Chinese copy of the MiG-21. 180 — Shenyang J-8, a cross between the MiG-21 and MiG-23. 120 stormtroopers Xian H-6 — a copy of the MiG-19. Bombers China is represented by 120 machines Xian H-6 — a copy of the Tu-16 60s. And only the remaining machines — partly Russian and Russian Su-27 and Su-30 and Chinese copies are considered modern machines. Accident cars 5th generation Chengdu J-20 in 2012, China had a total of 4 pieces that are still in the process of testing.

Maybe reflect Air China will help the U.S. invasion defense? In China, there are already as many as 150 of the S-300. A lot of it or not much? For comparison — in Russia of 2100. The main problem for China is that these 150 sets of control task lies not only with the enemy air force, and with its cruise missiles. Only 62 destroyer "Arleigh Burke" U.S. Navy carry on 56 "Tomahawk" each. This is — already 3472 rockets. 4 submarine "Ohio" can carry on 154 Tomahawk "any — this is 600 missiles. And plus, their tremendous amount on other ships, submarines and aircraft.

Nuclear weapon

Not casually mentioned cruise missiles. Most of them can carry a nuclear warhead, which puts U.S. in the number of carriers in the absolute favorites.

But if you count on the number of nuclear warheads, then China is believed to be their 180 in working condition. In U.S. — 5000 charges suitable for use. In general, the main thing here is not themselves warheads and their delivery vehicles. China has no modern strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons capable of overcoming the defense dollars. It remains one hope — for missile submarines, their 6 built only recently, Type 094 "Jin" to 12 missiles each. Will they be able to resist the powerful U.S. Navy, which controls the Pacific Ocean, and go to America? Difficult question …

The results

Aside from the prospects of a nuclear conflict in the ordinary war, China will lose the guarantee of the air, which will be provided by cruise missile strikes on post defense and airfields. The loss of the U.S. Air Force in a collision with the Chinese Air Force will most likely

Likely two options — with and without a ground operation. In the first case, the oppression of Defense and the Air Force begins with the invasion of the sea, and with local land of the rising sun, and South Korea. The highest mobility of the U.S. Army and its saturation helicopters and armored personnel carriers will successfully move forward. In conjunction with the missile and bomb attacks on the centers of control, it can disrupt the mechanism of Chinese mobilize and lead to the victory of frisky, as in Iraq in 1991 and 2003.

Without a ground invasion of the war may last up to maximum exhaustion of the economic infrastructure of China — Loss of power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities. Being masters of the situation at sea and in the air, the U.S. can not be afraid to jump and heroic antics of the Shaolin monks in the amount of 600 million people.

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