China will continue to take our engines — representative of Salute

China will continue to buy our engines - representative of "Salute"and passing these days of the 14th Beijing International Aviation Exhibition Russian manufacturer of aircraft engines "Salute" presented the AL-31FN turbofan with thrust vector control. The company said that in the current time with China does not hold talks on delivery of these new engines, but our home is planning to implement in the Chinese market is still 140-150 engines of this type with the ordinary nozzle. But such an agreement has not been signed.

Earlier, Russian media reported that the first of June this year China signed a contract for the purchase of 123 engines AL-31FN amounting to 500 million U.S. dollars to equip fighter J-10. Deliveries are to be completed in 2013.

The new version of the AL-31FN with thrust vector control, represented on the board, has a thrust in afterburner 12,700 lbs. Now sold in China engines AL-31FN series 3 with the ordinary nozzle have thrust in afterburner 12,500 kg and 2,000 hours of life. Previously supplied engines to China had only 11,700 kg of thrust and resource 1500 hours.

Chinese reporter asked the Russian representative of his philosophy about the engine WS-10A «Tayhanshan," and he replied: "Link this motor is insufficient, the service life of a little, so that China will continue to take our turbofans. " But at the current time these engines with increased thrust power and resource equipped fighter J-11B, J-10B and J-deck models 15.

So called thrust vector control allows fighters to increment maneuverability, in addition, the aircraft can perform evolution bolshennymi angles of attack and low speed, which help reduce radar signature. In addition, controlled vector traction can change some control surfaces of the aircraft.

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