China will establish a fighter 5th generation by 2018

China will create a fifth-generation fighter in 2018China is developing Fighter 5th generation, that eight years later will be able to lead an equal fight with the new South American fighter-"invisible" F-22 "Raptor", said on Thursday the official dealer of the South American State of the Air Intelligence Center and gallakticheskogo Wayne Almen.

Wayne Almen spoke at the hearings held by members of the U.S. Commission on US-China relations in the sphere of economy and security. He acknowledged that collect intelligence information in China — a "difficult task." Still, "we assume that the Chinese fighter 5th generation entered service in about 2018, "he said.

"We still have to figure out whether he can withstand one-on-one with our, say, the F-22 — continued Almen. & #8722, But, without a hesitation, it is comparable to the F-22. "

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has repeatedly expressed his belief that the U.S. Air Force will retain its tactical an advantage in the air for many years.

In his view, it is an advantage to be based, first, on the use of other fighters 5th generation — F-35, which are currently being finalized. For the sake of acceleration of the programs from Gates, despite the resistance of a number of lawmakers, decided to restrict the purchase of only 187 fighters F-22.

The plans of the Ministry of Defence & #8722, Purchased in 2014 513 F-35, and by 2034 in the ranks to be almost 2.5 million of similar military vehicles.

As emphasized by Gates, "when China will put in their armies fighter fifth generation, we will have
have more than one thousand F-22 and F-35 ", ITAR-TASS reported.

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