China will finish purchased from Ukraine, Varyag

Chief of Staff of the Army of China has recognized that China Regained completes 10 years ago in Ukraine last Soviet aircraft carrier "Varangian. "

Chinese General Chen Bingde refused to name the time within which aircraft carrier planned to be completed.

According to the general results based in Hong Kong edition of the Commercial Daily.

Another representative of the Chinese General Staff said that China's aircraft carrier will not pose a threat to other countries.

Currently in service with China no ships capable of carrying aircraft, up to now the bureaucrats in Beijing did not make any statements about it.

In general, experts in the military sector in the various states considered plans for Chinese aircraft carrier "ill-concealed lurking" and states that at some point China will create its own aircraft carrier fleet.

"Varangian"Began to build for the Russian fleet in the 80s, but did not finish.

Powerful ship zarzhaveval in Ukraine, while in the 90's it did not buy private Chinese company linked to the military complex, which expressed its intention to reincarnate in a casino in Macau.

Observers imply that aircraft carrier is almost ready and will be the first test at sea this year.

But as the correspondent of the BBC BBC in Beijing, Michael Bristow, this does not mean that the ship is ready to do its function.

After a couple of years will it take to prepare the crew and learn to use his deck for military aircraft.

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