China will let the highest tension on the border with North Korea

The Chinese authorities have decided to let the current high voltage Stitching wire on the border with North Korea, Daily NK newspaper said, citing a source in North Hamgyong Province, which borders China. According to the newspaper, so makarom Beijing is going to fight with desertion, and the atrocities of the North Korean border guards and other people DPRK.

China will let the high voltage on the border with North Korea

As reported by the newspaper, voltage current Stitching wire at the border is 220 volts. With all of this Daily NK source said that in order for man to be injured, you need to voltage at 380 volts.

China previously spent Stitching wire on the border with DPRK, To decrease the level of desertion and crime, but tangible results, this method is not given away. The authorities have also introduced an unusual system for reporting of defectors from North Korea. Thus, the inhabitants of the 1st of border towns can discreetly call the police and border guards, if they are to seek help North Korean defectors.

Meanwhile, the international community has to China pressure on condition that Beijing has begun to recognize the defectors DPRK refugees. But as long as the PRC authorities consider them illegal economic migrants and usually sent back to where they can expect reference to labor camps.

North Korea is also taking positive steps to reduce the number of deserters and limit foreign influence on its own people. For its part, it also held Stitching wire and set up the camera.

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