China will purchase industrial bands to build bombers Tu-22M3

Already the third time a few Chinese websites (in Chinese) report that China Our homeland and agreed to the purchase of Beijing industrial strip assembly Tu-22M3 in the amount of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, writes website December 29. Assembled in China bombers entered service PLA Navy under the designation H-10.

According to these reports, our native land supply for building kits of 36 aircraft (and engines for them). The first batch will consist of 12 cars, the second — 24.

The Tu-22M3 will be used for attacks against naval targets in flight mode at low altitude (in order to avoid detection by radar).

This plane with variable sweep wing was designed in the Russian Union during the cool of the war. Tu-22M3 will be supplied with a modernized version with over-range (6,800 km) and the combat load 24 tons Bomber-missile as before is considered a severe threat to many of the latest weapons systems of the enemy. This threat will grow even more if China will be supplied cruise missiles X-22 "Rainbow» (AS-4 Kitchen) long range.

The contract can seriously change the balance of power in the region. Tu-22M3 will give new powers to act to China in the South China Sea and the Pacific as a high-speed platform for launching cruise missiles with both ordinary and nuclear equipment in different scenarios of regional military conflicts. In other words, it's brand new threat for the U.S. Navy in the region of the world.

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