Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang went out again into the sea

Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang went to sea again

First Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang (last Russian Varyag) has recently put out to sea for the eighth time since the start of sea trials in August last year. Last campaign will last 13 days. BACKGROUND longest hike was held on November 28 last year, while Shi Lang spent 12 days at sea. First to sail on August 11 of last year took only day or three, and most of these were 9-11 days. So Makar, hitherto Shi Lang spent at sea in the general difficulties of about 10 weeks. Were completed making all of flying that have not yet been implemented.

Aircraft carrier Shi Lang has shown excellent results during the extended test run. Three months back on the flight deck of aircraft were seen. Of course this method the Chinese have tried to make sure that the planes without any problems can be moved along the deck. In the past year, China said that Shi Lang Training will first aircraft carrier. He has to go into service the Chinese navy by the end of the year. The Chinese, of course, plan to locate up to 24 fighter jets and 26 helicopters and Shi Lang.

Shi Lang (Varyag) is a class aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, Russian alliance that began to build in the 1980s. Initially, "Kuznetsov" were to be 90,000 ton nuclear-powered vessels, similar to American carriers filled with steam catapult. Instead of this, because of the highest prices and the difficulties of creation of modern (in the South American style) carriers, Russian Alliance was required to adjust their plans and, as a result, have been built 65,000 ton (full load) ships without a steam catapult and a stepping stone instead of their . Despite the rejection of the nuclear power plant, Kuznetsov class aircraft carriers form a formidable design. Ship of 323 meters in length may carry the 10's naval Su-27 (the so-called Su-33), 14 anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27PL, two electronic warfare helicopters and two search and rescue helicopters. But usually ship has 36 Su-33 and sixteen helicopters. Ship holds 2,500 tons of aviation fuel, allowing you to spend 500-1000 combat aircraft and vertoletovyletov. Crew size is 2,500 (or 3,000 with a full load). There are only two ships of this class: the original Admiral Kuznetsov, being in the arsenal of the Russian Navy, and the Chinese Shi Lang (Varyag).

It is believed that China is building its own First or even a few aircraft carriers, but this project is not a lot that is understandable. Official statements they say about the need for a 2-or 3 aircraft carriers in addition to Shi Lang. But the construction of such large ships to this day has not been seen on any of the shipyard.

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