Chinese Atlantis

In China, in Zhejiang province is Lake Qingdao — it's amazingly beautiful place, man-made. Qingdao lake was formed in 1959 by the construction of hydroelectric power plants. After the construction of the dam, the reservoir was formed, with a giant square five hundred seventy-three square kilometers. Chinese call Qingdao Lake — the lake of a thousand islands, so named due to the fact that on the surface of the lake is located 1078 large islands and thousands of small islands.

Lovers of land tours is to visit themed islands: Monkey Island, Bird Island, Island of the castle, etc.

However, an unusual feature of the lake is located in Qingdao depth — this incredibly beautiful pond. Qingdao keeps many secrets. Most recently in this area was organized dive club and began conducting underwater excursions for tourists.

The lucky ones who managed to look under the cover of the water of the lake, saying that what he saw just fascinated by their subconscious. Divers were on the lake Qingdao believe the most beautiful lake of the world.

The fact is that in the flooded valley was once two ancient cities: Ho Chi Chen and Cheng. Chen Chi town was built in 621, the year n. e. Imperial rulers of the Tang dynasty. In ancient times Shi Chen was the cultural, political and economic capital of the region. Cheng Ho city even more ancient than his brother. It was founded by one of the emperors of the Han Dynasty in Ho 208th AD. e. Many scholars call the city Ho Cheng Chinese Atlantis because it was the most important economic center of its time.

Chinese Atlantis

Alas, these cities were flooded during the construction of the dam and reservoir formation. Along with the ancient cities, went under water three hundred seventy-seven villages, twenty-seven towns, fifty thousand acres of agricultural area, amount of flooded homes not think who. The Chinese government relocated from the area two hundred and ninety thousand people.

The ancient city lay forgotten for forty years, but now, the policy of the Ministry of Tourism of China on this issue has changed dramatically. The new management decided to make Lake Qingdao tourist attraction. Staff specialized diving center, conducts research submarine depths in search of ancient wonders and unique underwater excursions. Scientists believe that the underwater environment keeps the ancient relics, airy atmosphere than at the surface.

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