Chinese auto today

Chinese cars today

First Chinese cars that were sold in Russia — Xinkai and the Great Wall. Business with China without the language barrier has permitted to make regular deliveries to our country of Chinese pickups and large SUVs, and outside of similar cost quite close to each other. Many people consider their cars twin, similar in quality and its features. But they are wrong. As a result, the survey which was held in the middle of technical professionals taken from 62 service centers in China, Great Wall SUV earned the appreciation below the average, and the car brand Xinkai took third place from the end of the worst quality.

At the moment China is the creation of more than 100 brands of 30 cars, 70 of which are authentic Chinese. You can not read about the quality of the Chinese auto industry with only two brands. In European countries such Chinese cars are sold as Cherry, Geely, Zhonghua and Landwind. So, Geely cars are presented to the European market in the form of a series of family hatchbacks and sedans-class golf. Mark Cherry has released a minicar QQ, which is almost a clear copy of the Daewoo Matiz. Concern Brilliance (Huachen) in China is assembling BMW 3 and 5 Series, minivans under the brand Jinbei. China has also conducted its own developments business-class sedans under the brand Zhonghua.

All of these cars are pretty high-end and expensive, their price in China ranges from 17 to 26 thousand dollars, there they have to compete with bolshennymi Korean-made sedans.

But especially popular this fall in Europe uses mark Landwind, assembly of its SUVs are under license from Isuzu. They remind Isuzu Rodeo 90s, but look modern and equipped by Chinese engines (2.4 and 2.8), which are manufactured under license from Mitsubishi and Isuzu. The fact that the Chinese for a role in the European auto show was produced big billboard with jeeps, which demonstrated a rather brutal China's plans in the auto industry. The Chinese plan to sell in Europe about 30 thousand SUVs a year. This number is completely real, if we talk about well-stocked full-size SUV at a cost of 14-15 thousand euros. But before the Europeans decided to test the auto show Landwind on passive safety. The test results showed that these cars are the worst in the history of the test. These results are negatively impacted the style of the company. After such, the Chinese decided to blow-independent safety tests and asked the TUV, which is very pochetaemoy organization. TUV tests were conducted, during which it became clear that car Landwind brand is not so bad. The news had brought confusion, even more confusing European buyers. But many professionals, it became clear that both the European and the Japanese and Korean manufacturers have something to fear from a number of Chinese competitors.

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