Chinese aviation industry have gained a high level of development than the Japanese

Chinese aviation industry has achieved a higher level of development than the Japanese

Member of Chinese Forum situated quite fascinating post, where "simple comparison" argues that the Chinese aviation industry at its own technical and technological development significantly ahead of the Japanese.

According to the views of the creator, the aviation industry in the Land of the Rising Sun is wholly depending on the help of the U.S., which set the "limits of its development." Over the entire period after the war Japan was able to create only a fighter-bomber F-1, a multi-purpose fighter F-2 transport plane C-1 and anti-PS-1 seaplane.

In the 80 years of the last century, Japan organized a licensed establishment F-15 fighters have received index F-15J. But because of technological limitations imposed by the U.S. on arms export standards, these aircraft could not use modern types of high-precision weapons. At the current time, the Air Force Self-Defense Forces Land of the Rising Sun have almost 200 fighters of this type. In 90 years on the basis of F-16 fighter Japan has developed F-2 with a phased array radar, but the country was able to produce less than 100 vehicles of this type.

Compared with Japan, China has the military aviation industry with the highest level of development, have several types of advanced military aircraft. China has developed its own latest generation fighter J-20, which belongs to the same class as the South American F-22 and the Russian T-50. In flight tests involving two models of cars. Conducted mass creation fighter J-10 is also the state of development. At the current time produced about 210 J-10 fighter jets, conducted tests of the upgraded version of J-10B.

In addition to these aircraft to China absolutely localized creation Su-27, received J-11 index. Batch creation of a basic version J-11 ending. Available in the modernized aircraft J-11B and J-11BS. These fighters have a phased-array radar (? — "VP"), which allows the use of modern types of high-precision weapons (aircraft of early standard J-11 did not have such power). At the current time China made a series of 250 fighters J-11/J-11B/J-11BS.

China is developing a carrier-based fighter J-15 on the basis of Russian Su-33. Japan does not even have plans to develop its own carrier-based fighter.

So Makar, the aviation industry in China ahead of the Japanese in many ways. Of course, China is still struggling with the creation of modern turbojet engines, but because Japan has no turbofan its development. J-11B fighter and J-11BS, writes creator, equipped with engines "Taihang" of the state of development.

Japan is already far not the Empire of Japan, which in the military-technical sphere dominated in Asia, but many of its current civilian technology is still worthy of study, it is recognized creator. Next creator encourages participants to the forum discussions.

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