Chinese expansion in Central Asia, the Russian Federation threatens civilization defeat

The people strolling if somewhat politically incorrect, but apt expression that has several options, one of which goes something like this: "While the crest with a Jew argued over who is smarter, Genghis Khan conquered the world." This phrase aptly describes the situation around the confrontation of the Russian Federation and the United States, they are in Central Asia, while China, which is stronger in the region, and do so without any special effort.

Chinese expansion in Central Asia, Russia threatens civilization defeat

For example, take us more than a friendly government in the region — Kazakhstan. China came here, and has long been, as was to be waiting forever. Such a modern world: where there is a lot of oil, expect … no, not the Yankees, though they will not give up unnecessary piece of the oil pie, and Chinese. A Kazakhstan, as you know, is rich in oil. Shred the Chinese companies in the production of Kazakh oil and gas achieves quarter. It is not so long ago from Kazakhstan to China reached a new pipeline. During the crisis of 2010, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and China has exceeded 20 billion. U.S., there is no hesitation in his rapid increase in the current time.

In addition, Kazakhstan and China will realize the fundamental cooperative project "International Border Cooperation Center Horgos." Horgos — the business center of the latest generation, the real city, which is located halfway on the terrain of China, half the terrain of Kazakhstan. The layout of the town Horgos includes the construction of skyscrapers, hotels, warehouses, and ethnographic park, cultural and entertainment center. After full implementation of ICBC "Khorgos" in the operation of China and Kazakhstan citizens can once a day to cross the border with duty-free products worth up to 8,000 yuan (about 40,000 rubles). Although the embodiment of this truly stunning design fits perfectly into the ideology of the Eurasian integration and contributes to the implementation of the SES mission of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan as a bridge linking Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, so a serious financial activity in China on our borders can not lure to discover close attention of professionals and do not cause fears of a build-up of Chinese expansion in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that before the end of the Kazakhstan part of the project is still quite far away (the final completion of construction is planned only for 2018), which can be read on most intrigued by the Chinese side in the project, which deals with, first, the promotion of their own products on the market of Eurasia, which has long been a base of China's economy.

Chinese financial expansion into Central Asia, of course, is not limited to Kazakhstan. Last week the chairman of the Special Representative of China, Chen Zhili went on a tour of the countries of the Central Asian region. Formally, the trip is timed to the twentieth special envoy to establish relations of these countries diplomatically with China, and almost indicates an intention to continue the consolidation of China in the region.

2009 was the year of termination Russian monopoly on gas exports from Turkmenistan: then began the construction of the 1800 km long pipeline connecting the fields in the region with China. Needs China the gas by as much as 25% is covered by the Turkmen blue fuel. Stands to reason, as China is interested in building their presence here.

"Gas attack" China for the region continued with the construction of the third strand of the gas pipeline "Uzbekistan-China, "Which is part of the project" Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China. " It is expected that the Uzbek gas will fall to the Chinese consumer in the current year.

Almost possible to multiply and the role of Kyrgyzstan in China's external policy. Kyrgyzstan — chief conductor of Chinese exports to the region of Central Asia, real nurse Chinese light industry.

In the past year, China's expansion in the region and acquired a territorial expression: more than a thousand square kilometers own country gave China Tajikistan. This was the first transfer of the former Russian foreign lands to the state, which in itself is very symbolic (remember, though, Fr. Damanskii) and sad to say the least. With all of this China is claiming another 27 thousand square meters. km area in Tajikistan. Catchy and the fact that Chinese banks are stuffed Tajikistan credits for sverhlgotnyh criteria so deeply penetrating into all areas of the economy of the former Russian republics.

It is necessary to argue that we and the Americans — the heirs of European culture, representatives of the snow-white world, colonialists, imperial-minded categories and acting in the tradition of Rome, which he could not endure, and dreaded the rest of the world. This is good and not good, that's a given. At the moment, the Yankees can not stand much more than us, but this is a temporary phenomenon, a result of the current U.S. policy. We, however, respect, at least, in this hunt to believe, as commonly believed, but let's not forget that the East — a delicate and, besides, it is very tricky and quirky. The Chinese, indeed, this is great different from us. They are different, and the vision of promoting their own national interests in the world. Their actions in Central Asia — direct evidence of this. While we share with the Yankees Kyrgyz airport "Manas", trying to bargain accommodation in the Eastern Kyrgyz wisest rulers systematically promoted in China region its totally real initiatives with real geo-strategic expression.

So, China's plans with respect to Central Asia peacefully and quickly come to life, and if for the Yankees, whose territory is located on the opposite hemisphere, the loss of positions in region will, though painful, but completely tolerable process, the withdrawal of the Russian Federation Central Asia does not bode quite good and threatens enormous economic losses that threaten to grow into a true civilizational defeat.

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