Chinese fake in American art

Chinese fake in American art

Not long ago, the U.S. military said in their military equipment found thousands of counterfeit devices in China.

Specifically, fake components for electrical devices. Believe in the Senate, the number of similar devices can be more than 1 million units, because the Pentagon is becoming increasingly difficult to control their supply sources.

According to the results lasted several months of investigation, Committee on Armed Forces in the United States Senate was found about 1.8 million cases of the use of counterfeit electrical parts in military equipment the United States. In general, according to tentative estimates, the number of counterfeit goods, used in the U.S. military, exceed 1 million units. Specifically, the results of the investigation on Tuesday at the committee hearing were granted.

It is also reported that counterfeit components have been found in military aircraft «Lockheed Martin C-130J» and «Boeing C-17", in a helicopter «CH-46 Sea Knight» (production «Boeing») and the air defense system «THAAD». In those cases where committee been able to find suppliers from any purchased counterfeit parts, more than 70% of counterfeit goods from China, 20% — from Canada and England. Members of the committee believe that it is in these countries work items of the counterfeit parts from China.

Were shown photographs from the electronics market in the town of Shenzhen — plastic and cardboard boxes in which there were chips. At the hearing one of the witnesses told the committee that during his own visit to this market beheld how the Chinese were washing in the river of old or defective chips were dried in the sun and after that gave buyers-for-resale to wholesalers. However, what happened in the end, which in turn can pass control of the factory, but, in fact, very unreliable and short-lived, told a Senate committee the United States.

His comments about the results of the investigation left the senator and chairman of the U.S. Armed Forces Carl Levin: "We must not allow that the public safety of our country depended on electrical waste that pile of trash picked up Chinese manufacturers of counterfeit goods." Next, Pentagon spokesman stressed that the information that was committee, are "just the tip of the iceberg." Until now, the fake parts "were not a consequence of loss of life or failure of military tasks." Although, according to the views of the sovereign Levin, "in view of the large flow of counterfeit electronics has become very difficult to be firmly convinced" that the soldiers of the United States will not suffer because of the emergency criteria substandard devices. Chinese representative at the hearing was not — committee invited the Chinese ambassador, but he does not have desired to come, or even instead of themselves to send someone who could read on his behalf.

Specialists Committee, said that those chips that are used in military equipment, must be stable at the highest temperature and humidity Chinese counterfeits can fail in critical situations. Also part of the U.S. Armed Forces Committee of the Senate, Senator John McCain said: "We can not accept the fact that because of fake items helicopter pilot fails to launch a missile, ballistic missile interceptor fails to hit the target, or even fail no matter what another mission. "

An employee of the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. Wang Baodong in response to the South American Committee ensured that the PRC government is committed to "a consistent and concrete position" in relation to counterfeit goods, and spoke of the need to combat it.

For his part, Senator Carl Levin accused the Chinese authorities of connivance in the manufacture of fake products in the town of Shenzhen, also "brazenly open market sales of such goods." He said that members of the committee were denied a Chinese visa in view of the fact that their investigations may contain "very important information", as a consequence — "will hurt the development of US-China relations."

On the existence of difficulties infringing device in the U.S. military equipment has become clear a few years earlier. Back in 2008, the South American Department of Commerce found in military equipment about 7.5 million of counterfeit electronic components. In 2005, the Pentagon had been cases of failure of the equipment due to counterfeit parts. Most experts believe that the consequence of the vast amount of counterfeit goods in the U.S. military equipment has served as accepted by the administration of President Bill Clinton's decision to reduce military spending. U.S. military in the 90s advised to create purchase of available devices, and not to engage in their self-development.

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