Chinese missile

Chinese missileIt's no secret that all the programs from a very gallakticheskie motivate the military. Intriguing, to such an extent that they themselves are heavily involved in them. For example, today's rocket "Soyuz" is another refinement of the same combat missile R-7. But all this is called the neutral term "dual-use technologies."

When the Soviet Union and the United States began gallakticheskuyu race, other countries would only be observers — no-one had the ability, but from time to time and wish to join the competition. But the samples reach the stars do — in 1965 its own first satellite launched in France, and in the 70th as did Japan and China. While the war was cool in the heat, so that all the programs from gallakticheskie far had no Single purpose.

In addition to specifically rocket for different needs in the 60s and worked over the means of countering enemy missiles. Advances in strategic missile defense and the Soviet Union, and the United States did not appear at once, well, in order to enter the system began only in the late 70's. But this did not prevent the Commission for Defense Science and Industry of the Government of the PRC in February 1966 to accept the so-called "Project 640". The document stipulates the alternately steps required for the creation of the state of their defense. The figure 640 appeared by chance: "Project 640" was created on the basis of Directive number 640, signed by Mao. In the middle 60's helmsman, chatting with one of the fathers of Chinese gallakticheskoy applets Qian Syuesenem, suggested the idea of developing a missile shield China. China was already clear that the work on this subject and are neighbors to the north, and the "bulwark of imperialism."

Besides it is necessary to take into account the then political situation: with the U.S., China and so was a friend, and on the Russian Union shortly before falling out. So push the start button and send a rocket to the Beijing could now not only John or Steve, and Ivan and Vasily. At the same time, because of the geographical features of China was more likely to take a hit medium-range missiles, such as R-12 or R-14. However, you need to see to defend against these missiles still lighter than the later — the effect of close coupled warhead and the lack of opposition. But for China, the mid-60s with his languid legacy of the past and the "excesses in the field" means the creation of the Cultural Revolution, even against such "simple" missiles was a matter quite difficult.

The main task of the Chinese defense industry in the 60's it was creation nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. It is understandable — even many millions will not give such a deterrent effect, as several nuclear bombs. Yet, poor China not only managed to find funds on a missile defense system, and the status of specially assigned programmke principle. Responsible for it was appointed "Chinese Queens "Qian Syuesen. The works were brought Chinese Academy missile forces and a number of related ministries. Tests of the system was planned to carry on "Base number 20" — that was then called the Jiuquan space center.

"Project 640" presupposed creation radar remote detection, missiles and suddenly for all anti-gun. The project launch was called "Fansi" ("Counter"), and gun was named "Sinfyn" ("Pioneer"). In addition to the development of specific defense had to seriously upgrade the 20th base, as the ancient equipment was impossible to feel defensive system.

Alleged acts of missiles to attack targets are clear — soars, meets with a warhead ballistic missiles and hits her. And that still was supposed to do "Pioneer"? The design of this gun under the designation of "640-2" was completed in the 67th. It was immediately made two versions of "Sinfyna": the first was more modest — the caliber of "only" 140 mm "easy" round of 18 kg and height of defeats the purpose of almost 75 km. Second version of the gun turned out to be more and monumental monstrosity. Calibre — 420 mm shells — intensely reactive, weighing 160 kg with a nuclear warhead. It barreled monster weighing over 150 tons had to send a projectile at a venue where he nuclear explosion destroying the enemy missile warhead. It came even before the tests. However, managed to shoot only "Small" version, and he gave an impressive performance. Namely fire, and active work on the "pioneer" in general lasted until the 77th year. Later, they first turned, and three years later, in 1980, the project was canceled in general. The development of missile technology has allowed us to concentrate only on her and not wasted on other options. In addition, the "Pioneer", as well as at least some other barreled weapons were some problems with accuracy. For the closure of the "project 640-2" and spoke of Deng Xiaoping, however, he is more critical of the economic side of the gun.

Missile defense on the part of the Chinese concept reminiscent of South American system of "Nike-X." Recall from the Yankees in the trans-atmospheric space rocket was supposed to storm the antimissile LIM-49A Spartan, and after the entry of a missile warheads "passed under the jurisdiction of the" rockets Sprint. Analogue of the "Spartan" was to become the Chinese "Fansi-3" and the role of the "Sprint" surrendered missiles "Fansi-1" and "2-Fansi." What is curious, "Counterattack-1" on the outside was almost twin Sprint'a. The same thing happened with the rockets' Fansi-1 "and Spartan. Why? Chinese designs were similar to the Russian only when China had its proper documentation. Or had the opportunity to carefully examine the standard. Neuzh that Americans allow any to get hidden items in the Celestial Kingdom? Not just in time in the United States and only mass of books published on the subject of missile defense. In some of them, namely those contained details which could be referred to as data leakage.

But before vsepolnotsennyh tests, it never came: the first two "Counter" flying exclusively in the form of mass-dimensional models, and the third on the ground and did not hit.

On the newer works of Chinese learned, as usual, is almost unheard of. One of the few cases where the available information — actions in 2007, when the weather satellite "Fengyun-1C» was hit by a rocket that did not, not that special companion-hunter.

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