Chinese mnogokalibernye bolts

I do not know how the rest of the guests website, and I'm very curious tool, which is made in China, because soon they will not produce it under license or copy from other samples, and the use of their development, many of which are very exciting. Of particular interest standards of Chinese instruments and also cause because the Chinese are very well learned to separate flies from cutlets and understand what they need and what is not. Therefore, their recent developments became a kind of hybrid, which absorbed all the best from the other samples guns. But just to collect all the heap is not much, it must be done neatly and perfectly, and they themselves have learned to do it perfectly. This article will try to meet with mnogokalibernymi sniper rifles made in China, and to evaluate how well such an instrument can be competitive, and most importantly how it effectively on the battlefield in comparison with Russian and zabugornom standards. Total models of Chinese SWR four, so it is appropriate to divide the material into 2 articles so as not to tire yourself writings, as you read my midnight absurd.

Chinese large-caliber "bolts"The first model of the Chinese mnogokalibernoy sniper who hunts see — is AMR-2. This mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle was created by China South Industries, it was done within the framework of applets to create mnogokalibernoy sniper rifle for the People's Liberation Army and entered service in 2000. The gun did quite a long time and with a particular approach to quality, because this rifle initially positioned as a tool for the fight with enemy snipers, and not just for shooting light armored vehicles and immobile objects. This is used rifle and at the moment the forces of special purpose PLA. Is noteworthy that this rifle is intended only for Russian patron 12.7 × 108, but made in China, which characterized by a very high quality and is designed for sniping. Apparently, the gun came out really very good, because in the export version of it does not exist. The gun has a folding, adjustable in length and height all the way to the butt cheeks under which posted a "third leg" facilitates the work of a sniper when it takes a long time to follow the plot of a certain area. With the buttstock rifle has a length of 1420 mm, in the stowed position with a length of 1230 mm. The length of the gun barrel equals 850 millimeters. Weight gun is only 9.8 pounds. Powered rifle from detachable box-row of shops with a capacity of 5 rounds.

The basis of this rifle has a longitudinally sliding gate that locks the barrel by 2 lugs. With all this we can say that the pen speed is not quite comfortable because it has a missing wriggle and recharging, hand needle may strike the telescope instrument that is placed evenly over the cut for the shutter speed knob. It is very curious that this rifle is often confused with sniper rifles of Barrett, because mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle AMR-2 has a muzzle brake, recoil compensator are very similar, if not similar looks, and specifically on this distinguishing feature large part determines the sniper rifle Ronnie Barrett. It is also interesting that in addition to the landing site for the optical sight, the rifle has open sights, which, in my opinion, just what tools are needed though, because the optics of this, of course, excellent, but it can be brought down by shock, at the end of all, may simply fail, but here are a couple pieces of iron, on the arms occasionally, when fed. The gun is not entirely appropriate for the "bolts" fuse located on the right-hand guns, its location based on the fact that the handle is attached to the gate itself is very close to the gate of his back, so you set the switch fuse on the back side of the slide is not probable, not counting that is the circuit breaker, in my opinion, is much more comfortable. The gun has a handle for carrying it, and bipod, adjustable, reinforced in the upper part of the receiver. Svobodnovyveshen rifle barrel, in other words, recorded exclusively in the receiver for the merits of the most accurate tools. Overall gun came out normal, but at the same time fascinating and quite highest traits.

Chinese large-caliber "bolts"Noticeable moments in the arms, or rather not even in the weapon, but simply as a fact is that the Chinese fully understand correctly, what it did for the tool and what it is intended to estimate the effective range of the use of guns and a half kilometers, against the background of similar American and European rifles makes AMR-2 is not the most best, although basically the difference between them and no, there is a sober assessment of the abilities of tools that can not fail to respect. In principle, no one does not exclude the application of this standard weapon for firing at the enemy lightly armored vehicles, radar, etc., but the main tasks facing this tool, look for yourself as fully alive opponent's body that are guaranteed to be finished after such hit a bullet cartridge 12,7 x108. Personally, I am a positive qualities attributed to his guns is not the greatest size and weight, the ability to shape the butt, "bolt", and svobodnovyveshenny heavy barrel, ending with a muzzle brake, recoil compensator in the form of an arrowhead. By the way, out really able to significantly make up only by that device, but it is still a very nasty even for strong Chinese military. In general, these weapons from me only advantages.

Chinese large-caliber "bolts"The second dealt with the Chinese prototype mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles is already more difficult in technical terms the standard, despite the fact that its base is still the same of the sliding gate. This tool is interesting, first, in that it has a movable trunk, which can fall back under the influence of return back to mitigate, as time recoil when firing. So Makar, you can come to the conclusion that even though the gun is more comfortable, but not as sharp as AMR-2. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and make out everything in order.

JS05 sniper rifle was made by Jianshe Group and created to arm the Army People's Liberation Army of China. Catchy that this instrument, as well as reporting higher standard, eats only the patron of 12.7 × 108 and has an export version. Weight is 12.5 kg gun with a barrel rifles 850 mm, total length 1392 mm guns. Also fascinating point is that JS05 is powered from detachable box magazine with a capacity of 3 rounds, which are attached to arms horizontally to the left side of the rifle. This rifle has created specifically as a weapon to defeat light armor, vehicles, radar, aircraft parking areas, and so on. Although not ruled out firing and languid body armor protected enemies, but precision tools for such tasks at large distances obviously not enough.

Chinese large-caliber "bolts"As already described above, the JS05 rifle was based on the sliding bolt, which locks the barrel by turning on two stops. Not quite ordinary rifle design is because the receiver is cylindrical instrument, other than that of a rifle barrel down is the piston that drives a hydraulic damper softening knock of the weapon, which can be taken in ignorance of the tubing for the removal of powder gas from the bore . Does this whole system is followed properly. When fired, the barrel and slide linked together, so Makarov, a sleeve that pushes shutter, and drives the barrel of the weapon that move, trying to squeeze the oil in the hydraulic damper that can stretch the time of return. After all of the remaining recoil force goes hand shoulder, trunk vorachivayutsya the gate to its original position. In addition, the return also softens quite powerful muzzle brake, recoil compensator. All this makes the instrument more comfortable in the conduct of fire.

Manufacturers of Chinese wisdom, have decided to throw a graph with an effective range of guns empty, but it must be said that the accuracy of this rifle slightly higher than other similar systems. First, it should be noted that even though trunk and is not svobodnovyveshennym, the designers have tried at least in part to bring him to this place by making piston hydraulic damper mount as close as possible to the breech end of the barrel. This move is certainly not made high-precision instrument, but at least the last payment for a small knock of the weapon became applicable. Catchy and also the fact that the place is a gun bipod mount a kind of guide for the piston. In the upper part of the receiver is equipped with two seats: for optical sight and a handle for transporting guns. Rifle JS05 has no fuse, and he told her, in principle, is not necessary.

Despite its rather unusual design and appearance, this rifle was adopted by the People's Liberation Army of China and used it until now.

That's so that's pretty exciting standards "bolted" mnogokalibernyh rifles can now brag China. As can be seen in the arms live well and the solutions that have a general spread around the world, and what was considered effective only in China. Given the fact that both the first and second rifle — a purely Chinese design, you can read about that in a firearm China scored the highest rate of growth is quite true, on the basis of Russian, but that's another story.

PS That's not all, in the next article will undergo review autoloading options like guns, and they are even more exciting.

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