Chinese mnogokalibernye self-loading rifles

After the creation mnogokalibernoy autoloading rifles, despite its highest accuracy and other properties that has come up a few nasty facts about this weapon. As it turns out, the highest accuracy far not the most important thing when shooting light armored vehicles, and often the 1st shot is not enough, and second, if the manual reloading, the sniper may not have time because of the time that he reload and take aim, transportation may have to hide behind any shelter, and its defeat would be impossible. Naturally, the more applicable option for the defeat of lightly armored vehicles of the enemy is mnogokaliberny machine gun, but here it is all about weight and mnogokalibernaya rifle is more mobile that covers her flaw on its practical rate of fire. So Makarov, it was decided to do except mnogokalibernyh autoloading rifles to the same self-loading. One of the first Chinese mnogokalibernyh became M99 rifles (not to be confused with Barrett), we'll start with.

Chinese large-caliber self-loading riflesThis rifle is completely unobtrusive standard mnogokalibernyh self-loading rifles. It does not have any impact zamudrenyh methods of extinguishing or other parts that can cause enthusiasm. In general, locking the gun barrel is not done by most vserasprostranennym for mnogokalibernyh rifles, but more on that a bit lower. Also, the enthusiasm is the fact that this tool has two options, both of them are used in the army, and only some of them are offered for export. Fundamentally differences between those 2 variations of rifles there, the main difference is in the cartridges, which uses this tool. Thus, the version of the rifle, which is used only inside China and exported, fed chuck Russian standard 12.7 × 108 and has the designation M99-I. Second version of the cartridge powered guns h99 12.7 (.50 BMG) and is offered for export, respectively, has the title of M99-II. Both rifles have roughly similar properties, so that they can be easily connected to any description, much less that the mass and dimensions, they differ substantially in millimeters and tens of grams.

Both versions have a M99 rifle and a half meters in length and weighs about 12 kg, which is completely average characteristics for such tools, in general, all the same length too big, even if the rifle is made in the traditional assembly. Butts of rifles are able to adjust the length and height of the palm cheeks arrow. Under the gun butt is positioned so called "third leg" to facilitate the arrow puzzle on long-term monitoring of some specific areas of land for a long period of time. In front of the fore-end rifles fixed folding bipod forward to have the opportunity to adjust the height. On top of the receiver is placed landing place for an optical sight in the form of bracket mounting bracket type "Picatinny". Immediately above the pistol handle switch fuse placed guns, bolt handle also bred the right ejection of spent cartridges, just done right. One of the fascinating features of the tool is that the handle for transporting the rifle is placed on the left side, but bent so makarom that the rest is placed below guns and did not interfere. In general, is it available immediately and is a minus, because when you carry a gun for the knob itself rifle leans to the right side, and if not before moving the bipod folded, they will significantly interfere with the arrow to move a run, although the instrument is always possible to raise higher, 12 kg — not such a big weight. It feeds rifle detachable single row of shops with a capacity of 5 rounds, regardless of what kind of ammunition used.

Chinese large-caliber self-loading riflesMnogokalibernoy M99 automatic rifles built on the withdrawal of gases from the gun barrel, with all this locking of the bore occurs when a warp gate. Taking into account that the scheme of automation "do not touch" gun barrel, it allows you to achieve greater precision rifle in comparison with the variations with moving barrel. But the greatest precision weapons can only be achieved with very highest quality production, which is not the best in the export options as no surprise, but for the internal "consumption" with the quality of the question is not clear. Naturally, the accuracy of the instrument and also affects what trunk Rifles can not be called free-posted, because bolshennom quite a distance from the breech of the gun barrel placed removal of powder gases. To combat a rather strong impact mnogokalibernoy M99 sniper rifle used in full traditional versions of mechanisms in the form of a muzzle brake, recoil compensator and rubber pads on the butt of the gun. This is clearly not enough for one hundred percent comfortable using rifles, but generally recoil when firing fully transferable, provided that part of the return is extinguished and automatic rifles. So Makar, despite the lock barrel gun is completely non-personal.

Despite the fact that the barrel of the rifle can not be called svobodnovyveshennym, despite the fact that the semi-automatic weapon, in other words, is automation, which in varying degrees affects the accuracy of the weapon, mnogokalibernaya M99 rifle has a rather high accuracy for the "self-charging". Obviously, it falls short of this parameter to "bolt" rifles, but compared to most models, it looks impressive and this despite the fact that the quality of the production of export options for guns is very difficult to name the highest. Apparently, in this situation, something similar happened on a Kalashnikov when even the roughest performance tool is completely good, only if it is expressed in the AC in the highest reliability, there is some unknown means exactly that, again, again, rather the highest for semi-automatic rifle. The effective range of fire on enemy troops, according to the manufacturer, is seeking 1,200 meters, with all this technology effective fire on the enemy can reach up to 1800 meters and 1500 meters for light armored vehicles. In general, the last number I'd stripped all the same on the two because, knowing the properties of the ammunition, it is difficult to imagine that they can cause significant damage even lightly armored vehicles at a distance of more than half a kilometer. While, on the other hand, looking to shoot.

Notwithstanding such properties guns, this rifle is still not fully satisfy all the requirements that apply to such weapons. The basic premise of discontent was the length of the rifle. Though the half-meter "fool" not far every Chinese will be able to comfortably carry, though among them there are tall guys. So Makar, the question of reducing the length of the gun, which meant when saving design rifles only shortening the barrel, and this in turn would reflect badly on the properties. For this reason, decided to go for a wiser way, and to change the assembly tool to bullpup. So a brand new rifle M99V.

Chinese large-caliber self-loading riflesMore specifically there is not even one rifle, but three, and they all differ in their features, although nekordinalno. Two rifles under the designations M99V M99-I and-II are offered as export and inside the country are not used. They feed cartridges stan
dards 12.7 and 12.7 × 108 h99, respectively. The length of both variants gun is 1250 mm and the weight is 12 kilograms equates rifles. In other words, roughly speaking, the change reduced the assembly tools only length 25 cm But the other third version of the rifle, is only intended for use inside the country feeds cartridges 12.7 × 108, it is longer than this wee export options guns. This is indicated rifle M06, uses ammo 12.7 × 108, the only difference from the export options lies in the length of the barrel, which is 110 mm longer, respectively rifle itself has a length of 1360 mm. Frankly, I do not quite understand the logic of the Chinese, because of his own predecessor in the traditional assembly of M06 is shorter by only 14 cm high-spirited of all, reducing the length of connected all the same does not mean a small increase in the Chinese army soldier, and with the requirements for the greatest length instruments that are associated with the transport tools. Noticeable point is that, in spite of a very long barrel guns weight remains the same and is equal to 12 kilograms. What is preserved is unclear, but apparently not on the size of the stem.

The mechanism of the gun did not changed in comparison with the previous model M99 semi-automatic rifle. The driving force behind all that are the same powder gases that are discharged from the bore gun when fired. The bore rifle closes warp speed. Curiously, the powder gases are collected from the bore to bolshennom quite a distance from the breech, which, of course, affects the accuracy of guns, because despite the fact that the barrel does not touch any parts of nowhere rifle apart attachment points in the receiver, svobodnovyveshennym it can not be called. Although it must pay tribute to the Chinese influence on the patterning of all happiness a little, but it still has that feel particularly in relation to the standards of autoloading guns in the trunk of any freely posted. Of course, affects the accuracy of the shooting and the presence of automation. When read as a whole, according to its features it tool no worse and no better than M99, in general, option for internal use M06 still a little better, if only because the bullet on the trunk of a longish bit accelerated to enormous speeds that only a plus.

But not everything is so simple and usually in the arms. There is in him and his own "spice". Very exciting feature of the rifles were stores, of which it feeds. The fact that the instrument can be powered from the stores standard constructions, in other words straight, but with all this, the standard weapon shops are shops drum with a capacity of 5 rounds. Why is it made and it gives weapons can only guess. My guess — a lighter firing at helicopters taking off, in other words, targets that are above the sniper. On the other hand, it would be more logical to make the power tools out of the shop, which joins from the right, parallel to the ground level, but again decided to stand out, besides, without loss of reliability, the only flag in his hands. After all, even the most crazy ideas at some point develop into something worthwhile, and there's kind of like the originality of the design has significant disadvantages, though no definite plus too. All controls are placed gun on the right side, in principle, and not surprisingly, adaptation to the left-hander is not provided. Despite the build Bullpup release of spent cartridges happens on a fairly bolshennom away from the person shooter. The rifle has not fully under his cheek, but the butt plate can be adjusted in length, although it adjusts to a personalized fit as placing the rubber plates. Under the butt of guns placed removable "third leg". In front of the guns there are two folding and height-adjustable bipod. But more exciting. Planck telescope mounts are not placed on top of guns, and on the Russian "model" on the left side of the rifle, however, Picatinny-type mounting bracket. In my opinion, this arrangement mounting bracket only benefit the weapon, because the thickness of the rifle is quite large, and it is much more convenient to use when the sight is shifted a bit to the left, if placed exactly in the center, well, negative properties such arrangement sight simply ignored.

Chinese large-caliber self-loading riflesThe problem is pretty big guns recoil when firing is solved multi-chamber muzzle brake, recoil compensator, and rubber butt pad. You also can not forget the fact that a small part of the recoil when firing automatic extinguished. All this, of course, does not make shooting mnogokalibernyh bullpup rifles in the assembly of Chinese-made comfortable, but it is completely portable and less than all the autoloading samples.

If we talk in general about this weapon, it should be noted that it does not have any non-standard solutions quenching the same impact, it's pretty easy and tasteful. That is to say, the balance is maintained when the instrument is self-loading and more than or less comfortable and clear. In general, to call this the best rifle in a class of its own, I would not, but it pulls strong quartet, certainly.

Summarizing the results, and this and the previous article about mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles, it should be noted that they are indeed the incarnation of all the best of all guns, which is on our planet. In other words, can already be read not just about copying any specific designs, but rather a combination in one swatch already worked in other separate units. With all of this in a Chinese weapons do not last and are the solutions that are perfectly development of Chinese designers. In other words, at this stage instrument in China is on a "take all the best, combine into a single model and create even better." With all of this in person, I can not nothing to reproach them, so as even in the midst of famous arms company 99% of the new instruments made by the same principle. With all of this can not be ruled out those standards guns that are EXPERIMENTAL. Naturally, disk imaging on all models is not, well, the kind of information that comes through the wall of China, it is not rich, but still, even based on it can be read not only about the well-developed arms industry, and the flourishing arms production in the country . Separately should also be noted that the best standards of the Chinese are trying to hide the deeper and not only did not sell them to the right and to the left, and not "shine" again, and give the export tool that features a little bit worse than the one on which is used by the Army and police. Naturally, such a Makarov lost a certain part of the money to be earned from exports of guns, but for all that there is at least a guarantee that in the event of a conflict against China will not wage war as his weapon. Well, if you look, at the mention of most of the Chinese weapons will turn the nose, as demonstrated by the last 10-20 years, to no avail. In general, still far away, not all Chinese have learned to do without the help of others. Aircraft, armored vehicles, etc., are just beginning to develop vsepolnotsenno, and they are not as well, and have met almost complete copy of the other standard. Yet, the example of firearms says that someday it will all be done on a similar principle, and that "someday" is not far off. Vorachivayas mnogokalibernyh to the theme of self-loading rifles, I would like to mention another issue that has remained unresolved for me. Legend M99 and M99V — this is a coincidence or calculation on the association with other models of rifles Barrett? However, there are several other tools under these names, but all the same.

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