Chinese Navy will soon have another new ship project 054 — Frigate Linyi

In late 2011, the Chinese plant "Huangpu", an official descent of the 14th ship of the project 054 — Frigate "Linyi." After a test run in 2012, he recruited to the naval forces of China, namely the Northern Fleet. His title ship get on the honor of the town in the province of Shandong. This was officially announced at a meeting in the town of Linyi, which brought together members of the party activists and the command of military units that are stationed near the city.

Chinese Navy will soon have another new ship project 054 - Frigate "Linyi"

Frigates of the series got systematization NATO Jiangkai Jiangkai 1 and 2. First frigate This series was founded in 2002, and the launch took place in 2013. 3rd ship already built on the amended draft 054A. The main differences — Set 32-cell installation VP for anti-aircraft missiles and radar detection of Russian production. Project 054A helped develop the Russian designers of the St. Petersburg Northern KB. Ships Project 054/054A evenly ships of the project will change 053N. In the construction of frigates use the data elements of stealth technology. The frigates are equipped with a helipad for the 1st helicopter.

The main characteristics of the frigate:
— displacement of 4.3 thousand tons;
— length of 134 meters;
— width of 16 meters;
— 5 meters of sediment;
— four diesel engines 16 PA6V-280 SEMT-Pilstik;
— Screws 2 units;
— speed of 29 knots;
— the range of the 3.8 thousand miles;
— the crew 190 people;
— a 713 caliber gun mount 100 mm;
— four anti-aircraft guns of the AK-630;
— two launchers with 4 anti-ship missiles at each YJ-83 (C803) $
one 32 The cellular anti-aircraft missile system HQ-16 (modernization "calm");
— one helicopter Z-9;
one sonar MGK-335.

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