Chinese self-propelled artillery system «PLL05» — Russian clone ACS Nona

Chinese CAO "Type 05 "or« PLL05 », delivered to PLA in the near future — light gun mounts on a wheeled base. First official mention of the latest Chinese-made self-propelled guns — 2001. The company "NORINCO" shows the latest military vehicle with a 120mm gun for zabugornyh buyers. But the demand for a similar technique was not and some time on it was heard. Exclusively in 2008 modernized SAU under the name «PLL05» in the amount of 18 copies are taking in order 127th motorized infantry division light PLA. On this day, it is clear that the military equipment often comes into service.

As Russian layout, the ACS has a 120 mm gun, which refers to a type of universal gun that can fire a howitzer to do and mortar. Because the firing may be a canopy (mortar) and flooring (howitzer). Angles vertical lift with all this no different from pointing angles "Nona" from (80) to (-4) degrees. Is no different, and a list of the ammunition used — it is 120 mm mortar shells and artsnaryady Russian, Chinese and NATO nomenclature.

Chinese self-propelled artillery system «PLL05» - a clone of the Soviet self-propelled guns, "Nona"

Russian Alliance first in the world embodies a similar concept of "Mortar-Howitzer" back in 1981, when he made 120 mm self-propelled guns 2S9 "Nona-S" on the tracked chassis. Weaponry of the generic type was designed for Russian airborne units to substitute artillery airborne units, not utupayuschaya on mobility features and main landing landing technique. In addition, she had to use the 120 mm ammunition as the Russian-made ammunition and the enemy. Immediately after ACS caterpillar type were developed towed and self-propelled guns of the wheel.

Up to now, not been determined, it was created Chinese Russian clone of ACS. Based on the disk imaging Russian sources, it is safe to say that ACS "Nona-SVK" over the limit was not supplied. And on foreign sources is that in the middle of the 90's, China has acquired from Russian Federation, in some places 100 copies SPG 2S23. A more affordable version of acquisition by China looks certain number of ACS "Nona" from Pakistan (the fruitful cooperation of China and Pakistan in the military sphere has long been clear), which in turn could buy them at a military formation of Afghanistan — ACS "Nona" participated in combat actions of 1978-1989 year. Multiple instances of self-propelled, lost Russian troops in Afghanistan, it is very possible and acquired China for their own purposes.

After researching Russian technology, the Chinese military, praised her dignity, began "the process of cloning." They set a tower with 120 mm gun on its own chassis — wheeled APCs "Type 92 "or« ZSL92 / WZ551 »6×6.

Chinese self-propelled artillery system «PLL05» - a clone of the Soviet self-propelled guns, "Nona"

Gozizontalnaya sighting tower free (360 degrees). Rate of guns per minute — up to 8 shots high-explosive projectiles type, up to 10 shots of mine high-explosive type, and up to 6 shots to the COP. Range of fire projectile (howitzer) to 9.5 km, a destructive mine (mortar) to 8.5 kilometers, shooting «HEAT» projectile up to 12 km. Apart from guns, SAU «PLL-05" is armed with a machine gun "type 85" 12.7 mm caliber for defense. There are three smoke grenade on each side of the tower. Full Ammo 36 separate loading ammunition that are in combat pack turret and hull.

Sights set tsilindritseskoy form:
— left of the gun — sight direct fire;
— guns on the roof — a combined unit with a panoramic laser range finder type.
MSA self-propelled provided 3 modes of fire — auto / semi-auto / manual. Tower and the case of self-propelled artillery systems welded type, made of solid iron armor plates and provide ACS «PLL-05" bulletproof and ballistic protection. The personnel of the military machine — 4th person:
— commander of the machine;
— driver-mechanic;
— gunner;
— infects (arrows).

The driver-mechanic and commander are in the driving compartment in the nose of the car, charging with the gunner in the turret are part of the machine. As you know, the first specimens of 120 mm self-propelled guns were part of a tower with a small internal volume. Later, in the final volume of the tower machines has increased.

Chinese self-propelled artillery system «PLL05» - a clone of the Soviet self-propelled guns, "Nona"

ACS provided the system of collective NBC protection. In the self-propelled artillery system made forceful separation from 8 tsilinrovym engine «BF8L413F» diesel-type, air-cooling. Properties of power — 320 HP Movement speed of about 85 kilometers per hour. ACS «PLL-05" floating type. To move to the aquatic environment machine provided with 2 propellers in ring rotary packing made at the stern of the rear wheels. Speed overcome aqua-bottlenecking 8 km / h Two pairs of front wheels driven, all-wheel drive are connected to the centralized system swap. Self-propelled artillery system "type 05" can be transported by Chinese transporters "Yun-8."

The main features:
— length of 6.7 meters;
— width of 2.8 meters;
— height of 2.8 meters;
— weight of 16,500 pounds;
— cruising range of 800 km;
— crew of 4 people;
— Ballistic armor, bulletproof: frontal from 12.7 mm caliber, side of 7.62 mm caliber;
— armament: universal 120 mm gun, 12.7 mm machine gun "Type 85 ";
— Equipment: MSA, PNV, electro-optical sights.

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