Chinese self-propelled gun based on the jeep

Chinese self-propelled gun based SUV

The first time a Chinese state company NORINCO introduced its development — 122-mm self-propelled artillery, the exhibition of arms and military equipment IDEX-2007 in Abu Dhabi. As such it 155mm installation SH1, system SH2 is mounted on a wheeled chassis-based highest patency with a proven 6×6. The main purpose of presenting SH2 in Abu Dhabi, was an attempt to promote her to the international arms market.

SH2, like its predecessor SH1, has built a computerized control system and fire control with an embedded navigation system and a clear positioning, communications, and automatic exchange of information, made in a modular fashion. The complex digital data transmission network is used C4ISR battalion or company commander level.

Mobile base installation SH2 is the wheel (6×6) chassis, which was established on the basis of the highest terrain vehicle, similar to the South American HMMWV (4×4). In front of the car and the engine is protected by armor cabin for the crew. Armor is quite weak and can only protect against bullets and small fragments. The aft is equipped with a special open platform on which the established artillery unit with a radial rotation. When firing artillery system relies on two massive hydraulic mounts, which are set by remote control, which means you can quickly translate the instrument from marching to combat position. Auto chassis equipped with a single tire inflation system and is able to develop the highest road speed of 90 km / h Given the relatively small mass-equipped, Artillery installation SH2 has superior maneuverability and can be delivered to the point of destination by transport planes Y-8 and IL-76 Chinese Air Force.

Chinese self-propelled gun based SUV

Artillery installation SH2 is a highly mobile one well-proven towed 122-mm howitzer-gun "type 86", which is similar to Russian gun D-30 and that the Chinese in the 80s of the last century is one hundred percent copied. The trunk SH2 added a new multi-chamber muzzle brake slot, similar to the set of self-propelled installation "Type 89", special recoil device completely copied from the towed version, and a cannon swinging part is equipped with electronic actuators guidance. The largest range of fire high-explosive fragmentation projectile type ERFB-HB with the lead collar with cooked and the bottom groove rifling designed by NORINCO China, is 22 kilometers away, and the active-reactive projectile type ERFB-RA — up to 27 km. The howitzer can also lead consuming all types of previously produced in China 122-mm shells. According to representatives of the Chinese side, Artillery installation SH2 can guide new correctable fire projectiles with semi-active laser guidance, the establishment of the PRC on the basis of Russian ammunition "Krasnopol."

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