Chinese tanks in Peru. Return can not quit

Chinese tanks in Peru.  Return can not be left

Because of cost reductions Peru fails to return the PRC 5 tanks MBT-2000, acquired for lease at the end of 2010, reports citing unofficial sources. The armed forces were faced with a problem: customs clearance at a cost of 8.5 million USD., or return back to China, spending $ 10 million on travel expenses. Purchase of Chinese tanks, which, according to unofficial sources, disk imaging, are in a state incapable of fighting for possession of 18th Tank Brigade, removed from the agenda because of the day or the highest price ($ 19 million) and the impracticality.

In December 2009 its intention to purchase 120 units of the very few MBT-2000 in the amount of 560 million USD. said then-Defense Minister Rafael Rey Peru. In April 2010, it became clear that Chinese supplier of tanks company Norinco has no license to re-export of Ukrainian production engines, which were equipped MBT-2000, and the decision was made to cancel the purchase. The budget for the purchase of arms redistributed in favor of higher-priority programs, such as the purchase of 2-MI-35 and MI-6 171.

Triumph in this story should Peruvian Ministry of Finance — from the very beginning boring office refuses to fund the budget of the festival, which made a tender of opposition groups lobbying the Chinese MBT-2000, and Ukrainian Tifon-2 (a modernization project T-55 with the role of Peru) from the control aircraft. A.2 wrote about it earlier — then stated that "the Chinese commander in chief Gibovichu Tipo provided some information" on the Ukrainian question "and one told him to buy three tanks at a cost of 4,000,000 USD. for everyone. "

Gibovich insisted that the personal enthusiasm of the Chinese proposal had not, but, as litsezreem, Budget Chinese tanks would have cost almost 5 times more expensive than Gibovichu pokatushek for the parade.

Delivery of the Chinese from the very beginning has gone awry — so, for example, for a long time it was not clear from the Ukrainian engine, which was supposed to complement the MBT-2000. A little while later Pakistan confirmed that Ukrainian candidates faders not — its Chinese leave much to be desired a lot of the best.

The Chinese explained the problem arose in Peru machinations of — say, helping a friendly Russian Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yezhel away from the "UkrSpetsExport" people Kuzmuk and promise to share in the Latin American arms market, helping to promote a ban on re-export of engines for MBT-2000.

A.2, in general, is pretty well described the situation in Peru, where the Ministry of Defence and Army control exists a long-standing tradition of twisting each other and a military parade hands when choosing one or the other product, because here and without the Ukrainian-Russian pegs it was not that I was okay.

There are also suspicions that China with these tanks walked the wrong way Israeli Panikovski of concern Rafael, which only blind fate fate is not allowed without a scandal foist Peruvians Spike anti-tank systems at a cost of twice the Russian "Cornet".

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