Chinese threat?

Chinese threat?Not so long ago, Pentagon analysts in the next report to the U.S. Congress on the development of the Chinese armed forces and events held by Beijing to ensure national security, have voiced their conclusions made that caused the recent concern of both the Congress and the senior management of the United States.

In the report, more precisely in the open part of it is said that the management of the PRC continues to increase military potential of the country. In an effort to increase its presence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, China continues to develop its underwater and above-water navy and a new nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers in these regions. With all this the main reason of concern for the military build-up in the region is not the country's security, and Beijing's claims to the peninsula of Taiwan,which Chinese wish to return a part of China. In addition to the Navy and is an active development of other branches of the armed forces of China, analysts said in their own report.

They also drew attention to the fact that Beijing is increasingly acute need for energy, almost half of which he gets from the Persian Gulf.

Because the CPC Central Committee is interested in stability in the Middle East and Bolshennom doing everything possible for that.

In recent decades, China headed for extraordinary success in their own economic, scientific and technological development. Such rapid growth has permitted Beijing to conduct a comprehensive modernization of its armed forces and enhance their own credibility on the world stage.

Excellent scale military development of China, increased significantly in the first decade of the 21st century. Have allowed China to significantly increase its share of the global arms market, the country's ability to use military might to diplomatically resolve the contentious issues have also increased significantly.

In "Four-year review of the national defense," the U.S. said that China continues to develop areas such as the creation of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, medium-range actions, improves defense distant radius act builds torpedo submarines, sverhtehnologichny makes electronic warfare equipment, computer hardware, for hacker attacks on information systems of the enemy, and the latest generation of fighter aircraft and anti-space weapons.

Specialists of the Ministry of Defense said that "limiting the transparency of the armed forces and security forces contributes to the growth of the PRC uncertainty gives rise to misunderstanding and increasing the possibility of making wrong decisions."

In turn, the official Beijing has expressed its concern about not so long ago held joint military exercises in South Korea and the United States. School of military and political control of the Middle Kingdom, even declared that the United States seek to "encircle" China, which specifically threatened relevant interests and security of the country.

Chinese authorities also strongly criticized the "unjustified U.S. interference" in the South China Sea, a huge part of this sea of Chinese believe their own area of interest. This statement was caused by another joint event is now the United States and Vietnam, which conducted joint maneuvers in the region.

Response to criticism of lard statement U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who spoke at the summit in Vietnam, said that the United States supports the claims of other states in this area.

Also, the Pentagon stated that he starts next step of joint military exercises with South Korea that the assurances of the U.S. Department of Defense are only defensive in nature.

"In recent months, the case between with 2 countries have a dual nature," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defense. Between military representatives of ministries of China and the United States suspended all sorts of things. A Beijing official even refused to accept the U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

According to the views of the U.S. military professionals, the latest trends in the development of the armed forces of China Beijing show eagerness to go beyond the boundaries of their own country, and Taiwan. This explains the eagerness of China to raise its importance on the world stage by the continuous growth of military spending and eagerness to seize the latest cutting-edge military technologies. A statement of Beijing, that all this is done to increase the country's defense and solutions prepyadstviya with Taiwan less than excuses.

"The balance of forces in the gulf that separates Taiwan and the PRC continues to shift in favor of China," — said the creators of the report, although in the near future economic and political relations of these countries have become slightly better.

Also, in the present report notes that China "is already eyeing the situation in regions that are far outside of Taiwan," the proof of the development of China It is reasonable to mention the distant range missiles acts capable of hitting targets in the Pacific.

"The observed trend in the near future in the development of the Chinese armed forces are the main factors that affect the change in the military balance in East Asia. In the PRC may seem resources and the ability to conduct military operations far beyond the area of Taiwan "- the result of such sum drafters of the report. As military experts Pentagon analysts have expressed outlook that likely military capabilities of China will aim at covering the regions of the South China Sea, Guam, the Land of the Rising Sun and the Philippines.

Despite these findings the U.S. Defense Department has stated that it is ready and more than that even very committed to dialogue with Beijing in order to avoid any "bad decisions" in relations between the military departments 2-states.

By the way it would be appropriate to add that the one-year military the budget of the U.S. ($ 700 billion. dollars), almost 10 times larger than the military spending of China (77.9 billion. dollars), even taking into account the declared last year the growth of the military budget of China by 7.5%.

From this report, you can also make another conclusion that the United States is apparently seriously afraid of losing their power and the power at one point to face a challenge for the which they fail to respond.

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