City Manager Barnaul requires preparation for possible flooding

City Manager Barnaul Igor Savintsev Thursday instructed the heads of districts to take the territory under special control for the period due to severe frosts of spring flood threat, says Mayor of Barnaul.

According to the mayor's office, experts predict that the high water this year will be difficult — especially because of the large amount of rain and cold.

"City Manager required to put in full readiness entire bilge equipment, work more closely with management companies to get them to clean the roof rake and snow removal in the courts, and to prevent the ingress of water into basements, clean the storm sewer system, on time to open all the culverts and gulleys, "- said in a statement.

Special attention is given to places Savintsev asked that because of its location traditionally at risk of flooding: villages Zaton Ilyich.

In 2010, the village of Zaton already suffering from floods, was flooded 197 plots. In addition, 52 more then the area flooded in the village of Ust-Charysh Ust Pristanskaya Altai Region.

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