Continuing the theme of VIP Limousine

Recently there was a note on the possible revival of the national limousine for top officials. That came across yesterday's note on "Avtonyus" on the same topic with pictures possible contender:


According own source, the relevant agencies to discuss two projects at once — "Motorcade", which involves the creation of business-class cars for the second echelon of the government, and "Monolith" — limousine for top officials. For the realization of only one "sequence" will be allocated 1 billion euros.

As for the "Monolith", then plant ZIL on the shop floor was laid up trump. It was found that the plant, together with JSC "Depo-Zil" (a private company specializing in the restoration of Soviet cars), for 7 years working on the concept of a new limousine. His creation, according to executive Director "Depo Zeal" Sergei Sokolov, was to sponsor a group of "dedicated and sufficient rich people"And the cost is much cheaper than the announced billion. Concept clearly expresses the idea of the sovereignty of the Russian democracy, was named 4112R.


"The idea of creating a new ZIL arose in 2006 in celebration of the 95th anniversary of the GON, — said Sergei Sokolov told Autonews. — Was sabantuychik. Most good words remembered the old ZIL — and regretted that he was no longer produce. Then director spetstseha asked — why, in fact, do not do it? The idea was approved by the Kremlin, and we started to work. "

The concept is based on the last limousine USSR — ZIL-41047, which drove Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin — the crown of the evolution of Soviet executive cars. Assembled by hand on the stocks, equipped with redundant "life support systems" (two gasoline pump, two ignition systems, etc.), ventilated disc brakes on all wheels, and has a phenomenal resistance (a legend that tests the driver, who was able to turn over " forty-seventh, "as a gift promised to" Volga ") — 41047 is not officially withdrawn from service until now, but the real output of the machines stopped many years ago. Since the nineties Garage Task prefers Mercedes-Benz.



It seems that his descendant, created to refract the situation relies on nostalgia: at least outwardly 4112R is not just conservative, it is old-fashioned — inheriting family traits, it is essentially frozen in the 70s of the last century.

"This is true, but with a plus sign — said the technical director "Depo Zeal." — Speaking of cutting-edge fashion machines, then you need to watch in the direction of Maserati or something like that. At 4112R another problem: it is old-fashioned and brutal — its task is to look imperiously, remind about our past. It's like a tuxedo, who came up three years ago — he's not out of date. In this case, a classic appearance limousine hidden the most modern equipment. "

Curiously, outwardly conservative limousine technically international. In part, this is due to the fact that the full cycle of a vehicle is lost — for example, produced more than the original 16-inch tires "Granite", so the American 4112R uses 18-inch (20-inch low-profile tires on).



In the limo general enough U.S. parts — even the new pyatistupenchaaya gearbox developed by Allison. If you think about it, too, is part of the tradition — in fact with 30's domestic high-class cars were a rethinking of the flagships of American industry. In addition to the Americans, the Russian limousine put the Germans — the firm Bosch has established a car ABS and ESP.

As for the power plant, the engine was old — 7.7 liter, only he was injected and its capacity increased from 315 to 400 hp In addition, according to Sergei Sokolov, engineers were able to cure congenital disease of the old ZIL — overheating, "We have changed the cooling system. Former ZIL kept the temperature at 150 degrees — had shut down the engine, as immediately boil away the oil and the car will not start. In addition, the drivers waiting to top officials, had all the time podgazovyvat — otherwise coolant circulates too slowly. "

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