Currency trading goes into the shadows

The situation in the financial market of Belarus does not show the trend towards improvement. People in the midst of holidays are not free to buy the currency to leave the country, through disruptions in interbank exchange is limited in scope and companies supplying imported products. Transactions as the cash and non-cash market on moving into the informal sector.

Queues at exchange points indicate that a currency crisis is not overcome. Despite the devaluation, foreign currency on the open market there. Even at the end of last week, Alexander Lukashenko said that he personally banned the National Bank to sell foreign currency to commercial banks for exchange, advising people to go to the black market and buy dollars and euros into the money-changers. However, people continue to "prop up" the exchangers, hoping to save money on the course, if the banks theoretically dollar can buy almost more than for 5000 rubles, not everyone will give it money changers and for 6500. Said one of the buyers:

"One day, I think, on the exchanger rent in the amount of about a thousand — a half thousand dollars. Sit But mostly those who have something to live for. Ie — $ 10, $ 20. $ 100 — this is the sum of decent. only thing that was when the hype and stores all the "sweeping", then handed over to 200, even $ 300. translated into all things food. now again almost pass, but purely for survival. "

There are no economic reasons for the fall of the Belarusian ruble three times not. However, there is a very serious episode for speculation

National Bank is still obstructing the way of opportunities for free kursavtvarennya, preventing stray more than by 2% from the official rate in currency transactions, and on a cashless market. In the first case, this led to a total shortage of cash dollars, euros, Russian rubles, the second — virtually paralyzed the OTC market. Shadow of the transaction at the rate of 8,000 rubles to the dollar — individual, exporters do not rush to dispose of the currency, expecting further devaluation processes.

According to forecasts, the stagnation will continue as long as Belarus is not received credit support, will be able to exchange interventions. By the way, according to the statements of some representatives of the vertical of power, in the treasury of the population holds up to 14 billion dollars, and it means — the reserves are even more than the government asked the International Monetary Fund.

Analyst communications agency "ARS Kommyunikeyshnz" Roman Kostitsyn notes that the authorities especially do not explain to the people their steps in the financial market by providing them as ready facts:

"Right now, to be honest, there are no economic reasons for the fall of the Belarusian ruble, three times, etc. no. However, there is a very serious episode for speculation this topic. It is my deep conviction. As long as we do not have the tradition explains such things as interpreted naypadrabyazney, from an economic point of view, not the "gymnasium" that, unfortunately, those who want to capitalize on this crisis (and there are enough people, too-inflating courses spekulyuyuchy by stimulating the black market) would be the full expanse. "

Meanwhile the official daily exchange rate continues to fall against the dollar, coming close to the mark of five thousand on June 3rd National Bank set a new proportion: 4981 rubles per $ 1. Recall that as a result of the devaluation of the May 24 National Bank has established the figure on the figure of 4930.

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