Cyber espionage in action

It would seem that the era Shtirlitsa into oblivion, and no longer those soulful looks askance at Russian spies zabugorny decaying capitalism. Not a lot of TV screens are increasingly we announce the failure of the Russian agents abroad. Our "men in black" do not delay, it would seem, only lazy people, with many Western newspapers almost relish the scenes of how Russian trying to steal secrets overseas use the methods described in the textbooks yet thirty years old. Bullied Western journalists on what spies from Russia is trying to transmit information of interest to them with radio transmitters or with the introduction of the ordinary mail. One handed an envelope with top secret information right in front of the camera installed, the other decided in the truest sense of the word, bury the information in the earth to later dug by those who follow. In general, many Russian "declassified" had become the real stars of Western comics. Records of popularity thrashes most recognizable "secret" agent of the Russian Federation Anna Chapman.

But countless ridicule Western newsmen few faded after control U.S. counterintelligence first published in November a very interesting report about the fact that our homeland and China virtually terrorized the United States for its cyber attacks. It turns out that at the time until the "negligent" agents "light up" in front of the cameras and defiantly passed from hand to hand with paper bags produced information, diverting the attention of Western intelligence agencies, representatives of cyber espionage are doing their job. On the Russian and Chinese hackers that systematically gain access to hidden developments in the technological and economic sphere, they say, not only in the United States. British senior bureaucrats confirm the facts that specifically of China and the Russian Federation is the largest number of spyware attacks on hidden government resources.

With all of this truly effective counter nor the Americans, nor the British can not organize kibershpionam. The fact remains that can be as much as necessary to develop a missile defense system and increase the military contingent, but for all that remain unprotected against network aggressions. No such thing as cyber espionage acquires special significance in the light of the development of information technology. It seems that there may be, specifically Our homeland and China occupy one of the leading positions on software upgrades associated with the spread of a virus software, and the elimination of virus threats. About it and says, perhaps the most recognizable Russian Evgeny Kaspersky programmer. According to him, a cyber attack on the hidden information files can cause even more damage than the activity of the 10-s spies working of old ways.

The report of the American counter-intelligence reports that only one Chinese hackers were able to in the past 2-years to get the greatest access to the computer networks of numerous energy, oil and voennopromyshlennyh U.S. companies. First, the past year, the Chinese even managed to steal the original code Internet giant Google. This accusation China denies categorically and I see this as disinformation global society in order to find the "scapegoat" in the failures of computer networks to areas of the United States.

With the proliferation of different types of mobile devices with access to the Web, says Evgeny Kaspersky, the multitude of people have the opportunity to become passive distributors of viral code, which multiply in the coming and use a laptop or device holder as a buffer zone to produce a certain kind of disk imaging. It turns out that kibershpiony can use virtually any inside information, leaving no trace of its own, but "substituting" the owner of a mobile phone with access to the Web, who was at the time close.

You can imagine for yourself, what volume will reach cyber espionage, if the number of portable Internet devices in 2015 reached a value of 25 billion units, as described in the forecasts.

Americans in their own report they say about Chinese programmke 863, which is designed to hunt for the latest technology. Specifically she, in the views of the U.S. counter-intelligence, and has an impact on the increase of competitiveness of China. With this program there, the Chinese put Tipo States unprofitable position: they, say, develop, and others put a spoke in the wheel.

FBI director says specifically China causing tremendous harm to the interests of the United States as a result of the introduction of kibershpionskih technologies. Our homeland and Iran are also included in the list of those whom the Americans blame their own failures in recent years. Such cyber axis of evil in the South American style: China, Iran, our homeland.

It turns out that the plot of "Seventeen Moments of Spring cyber" with its KiberShtirlitsami regularly paying dividends Russian external intelligence. If only Annam Chapman and other "special agents" distracted well …

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