Dagger against a tank

Antitank grenade (RPG) enjoys the highest reputation in the middle of the rebels, providing them with a cheap anti-tank gun, which does not require a huge time for learning. A new version of this tool is the RPG-30.

The fact is that against shaped charge warheads has long been thought out fully effective "antidote" — dynamic protection. More information on it (as well as other qualities of a modern tank building) can be found in our article "Weapons of the conflict: the T-72." In short, this "reactive armor"Consists of exploding plates, with the impact of the shell plate is a detonation that will affect the shaped charge jet. The jet deviates significantly reducing the efficiency of the cumulative actions.

This answer of "defenders of tanks" was left without a response and "offensive" side. Soon there were rockets tandem. Warhead them consists of 2-parts: the initial charge, which causes detonation of reactive armor plates, and the main charge, which operates with a certain delay, when the dynamic protection already worked, and armor was left without its protection.

In response appeared more sophisticated active protection system. In the middle of such systems can be called Russian complex "Arena", the Israeli Trophy and a promising system FCLAS, which is being developed for the U.S. Army. Such installations detect oncoming shot and run protivosnaryad, which destroys or undermines its impact or explosive impact. For this purpose, inert iron used dense elements that scatter mikroshrapnelyu explosion. The implication is that, with a limited range of defeat, they will not cause harm in all of this to his troops in the vicinity.

The next step is called and a new RPG-30. He equipped a 105-mm tandem warhead that can penetrate the iron armor of a width exceeding 650 mm, located behind ERA. The main thing that came to him — the second shot, which is a rocket-trap small caliber. It is part of a real rocket, ahead of the main warhead. Thought such technical solutions is that the systems are active protection will hit the trap, but fail to immediately hit the second danger. According to the Russian professional, well-known systems active protection able to hit the second goal through a small time interval of 0.2 seconds. So far, the tank will not.

It should be added that the RPG-30 does not claim to be a "tank destroyer Abrams», as it was called some journalists. In fact, the main battle tank Modern U.S. Army has no reactive armor or active protection system. Abrams tank armor to equip upgraded highest strength, which consists of depleted uranium and other components.

In addition, it is clear that, as the tanks Abrams, and their English counterparts Challenger 2 affects grenade previous series of RPG-29, which also have the caliber of 105 mm. As you know, even at a thickness of 600 mm armor and all the angles of inclination of the armor plates to achieve the full protection of the machine is unrealistic.

But if the RPG-30 can not be called a "murderer Abrams», then the title of "killer applets FCS» he may be assigned by law. One of the strengths of the family of vehicles, which are created by the Pentagon's program there, "Future Combat Systems» (FCS) is that the active armor protection and weighing 30 tons is to provide the same level of protection such as the 60-ton Abrams. Yet, if the active protection the tank can be so cleverly circumvented by developers armored protection is something to seriously consider.

About a kind of "classics of the genre" — Russian RPG-7 grenade launcher, developed in the 1960s, and still remains severe "headache" for the military's most modern armies of NATO.

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