David Suchet. Who invented Poirot watch online

David Suchet.  Who invented Poirot watch online
Her works are ahead in terms of circulation only "Bible" and the creation of Shakespeare … The paradox of the writer, which we know as Agatha Christy, the focus of this documentary film.
In Russian books by Agatha Christy came only after the second World War, but they were read by intellectuals in the original language. Why Russian publishers ignored works Christy? Where and how readers fetched detectives who were such a disadvantage?
On the intricacies, aspects and complexities that arise when working on the adaptation of detective novels, tell the director Stanislav Govoruhin and members of his film "10 Little Indians." As Govoruhin sought adaptation of almost 20 years? Why elected novel, where there are no detectives?

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