Day failures in the United States, July 15, 2011


USA, South Carolina(WCSC). Heavy rain, which began on Thursday, caused sinkhole on the western highway I-526 in North Charleston, according

Clarksville, Tennessee, 10:55 AM. Brigade road services are working on eliminating sinkhole at the intersection of North Second Street and College Street. Crossroads is closed to all forms of transport for some time. Drivers are encouraged to find alternate routes, said

Greenville, South Carolina. Eliminate the consequences of the failure of the workers at the intersection of Main Street and Croft Street, formed Friday morning. The site is closed to traffic. Until the completion of restoration work introduced alternative route through the streets of East Earle Street, Bennett Street and Gallivan Street, reported

Westbound Lane, Wisconsin. Failure formed in Westbound Lane (Innisbruk Drive), near the resort Innisbruk, said Fire Rescue Service on Friday afternoon. Traffic is blocked for a few days, according to

Until we have such terrible things as in the young Carolina, in at least they show themselves to a much lesser extent. So we can relax a little, look for announcements on sale of ceramic tiles, and do repairs and lining their own homes, which will undoubtedly help to escape from thinking about what is happening in the U.S..

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