Day searches

Society on January 4 in the second half of the day (17 hours) began a search of the Svetlana Naumova — Political scientist, attorney Vladimir Neklyaeva. A few days ago, she was interrogated by the KGB.

January 4 also were searched in the apartment Belsat TV journalist Ales Barazenka (Started at 6 am), the home of human rights defender Anastasia Marinkina (Started in 13 hours), in the service office of co-chairman of the BCD George Dmitruk, in apartments trustee Neklyaev Nina Pohlopko and pro-democracy activists Andrew Prasnyaka and Alexander Petkevicha. The evening began a search of the leader of the Coordinating Council of Entrepreneurs of Minsk Ales Makaeva.

A. Barazenka was taken in for questioning, who was released after taking a subscription to disclose. Nina Pohlopko confiscated netbook, empty flash drive, a CD with songs Neklyaeva and CD-disks that have already taken away from the activists during the search in May 2010.
In the apartment where he lives A.Prasnyak, the search was conducted in his absence. They confiscated a laptop, 26 CDs and 140 icons "Pillow Fight". In A.Petkevich seized a computer and storage media on the day he summoned to the KGB. For questioning by the KGB on January 5 is also due G.Dmitruk.

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