Day walrus may be a legal holiday NAO — WWF

Day walrus, established in honor of a rare pinniped, listed in the Red Book, which is celebrated on Saturday, can become an official holiday Nenets autonomous region, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

"The governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Igor Fedorov supported our idea of the Day walrus in Naryan-Mar next year. Hopefully this will be a useful and positive arctic holiday, such renowned festivals WWF — the Day of the tiger in the Far East and the Day of the snow leopard in the Altai" — the head of the Barents Sea branch of WWF Russia Oleg Sutkaytis.

Day walrus was established November 24, 2008 by two NGOs — WWF Russia and the Council on marine mammals.

This year, environmentalists celebrate modestly satellite monitoring process data size and walrus rookeries, which was held in conjunction with WWF engineering and technology center "RDC" in July-September.

"High clouds greatly complicates satellite monitoring. We are faced with the fact that from 20 July to 30 September, we received a lot of cloud images that make it impossible to estimate population. Compilation and analysis of satellite data on the number of walrus rookeries and will take one month" , — said the coordinator of WWF-Russia Margarita Pukhov.

As noted by the agency interlocutor, in 2013, WWF is planning a lot of celebrations on the day of the walrus and make the holiday a truly ambitious.

Atlantic walrus — a unique view of the Barents Sea Ecoregion. These pinnipeds mammals are in the Red Book of Russia. Of particular concern is an acute shortage of specialist information on population — not the number of walruses or their exact habitat is still unknown. There are only scraps of information about the rookeries brought scholars of the few expeditions, and stories of local inhabitants of the coast.

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