Departure of the soul from the body of videotaped


Video camera captured two luminous beings flying from heaven to the dying girl.

Sensational footage managed to make relative cleric caused by the dying of the disease baby — it captures flying luminous figures, very similar to angels. That is how the temples depict the messengers of the Lord — with a halo and in the light.

Frames are made ordinary mobile phone, roller, which lasts only 66 seconds, he captured the inevitable finale that awaits everyone. But death, which seems to us the terrible, is not the end! Now we see — life goes on after the last heartbeat. Baby shower, throwing a sick body, as if you no longer need chains, takes to the skies. And next to her flying angels, as if woven of light.



Sergei Kuzionov

— The story of this movie is amazing — says journalist of "Life" Ph.D. Sergey Kuzionov, deputy chairman of the Commission on anomalous phenomena Russian Geographical Society. — Shooting of luminous objects in the outskirts of Perm made a member of the family of a priest in the day when our father was called to a seriously ill little girl, she was five years old. The parents wanted the baby to the father communion.
The priest … was about to leave his home and go to the unfortunate girl — her family lives nearby, when his cousin saw the roof of the building opposite a strange glowing beam. He was very bright even at sunset. Nephew father took his cell phone to take this phenomenon to the video ("Out of curiosity, just very nice"). Following the beam on the roof appeared bright spot, it dived into the building. And then the camera captures two luminous figures, human-like, in a transparent cocoon — they slowly floated to the clouds … The priest hurried to the sick girl, not even thinking about the strange glow, which fell into the camera lens. The father was convinced that his nephew had a chance to catch a pic for some unusual atmospheric phenomenon. About the fact that it is a miracle, the priest did not even think — you never know different UFO filmed over the Earth?
When the priest came to the apartment to the sick girl, he was met by tearful parents:
— Just died, our daughter …
— When? — Asked the priest.
— Twenty minutes ago.
The father looked at his watch — the girl took her last breath at the very moment when his cousin took luminous figures on the roof at home! The one in which the baby died …
Sensational video shocked everyone who saw it. Even if we assume that the luminous figures — random freak of nature, why their appearance coincided in time and space with the death of a child? Now scientists are studying a unique movie — we showed it to experts in the field of space and aviation.
— I'm sure of the authenticity of the video — shows Sergei Kuzionov. — It has no signs of editing and Photoshop, the event is removed in one piece. Participant in these events — known in church circles priest.

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