Desna river was covered with dead fish

Desna River in Novomoskovsk Troitsk in the week, as the carpet was covered with dead fish.

Officials suggest that carp and white cupids suffocated because of the massive dumping of sewage, but the townspeople believe that the situation is far more serious: the river is polluted for many years, but this was the first time a massive plague.
"Yesterday we sailed on a boat, assessed the situation. The exact number of fish pops up I will not tell you, but a lot, I've never seen this, "- said the" MK "Head of Civil Defense, Emergencies, environmental and territorial security Basil Romanenko.

According to officials, no one thought that the river can be as much fowl: surfaced white cupids, carp, carp, roach and rudd. At the crash site have already visited the prosecutor's office and the Police Officers admtehnadzor that establish the cause of mass plague. Water analysis will be ready only on August 10, but so far the inspectors considered version breakthrough sanitation. "From under the ground near the shore pipe sticking out from where there is a constant drain, however, we do not know whose it is — the recreation of the FSB" Moscow Nights "or dacha cooperative FSB" Summer ", — said Vasily Romanenko.

Local people still believe that law enforcement only write off a catastrophe to the unauthorized discharge, and the real reason zamnut. "We are back in 2010 and wrote to Medvedev, and Thunder of the terrible situation in the river where sewage is drained by all and sundry, and it is well known fact. Sewage poured for years, but never for a few days is not so much dying fish! Therefore, was a very serious toxic emissions are likely to "Moscow Nights." Only the head of admtehnadzora frequenter, and it certainly zamnut "- said" MK ", editor of" Trinity statements "Igor Slepovich. According to him, 10 years ago, the city had a large number of equipped beaches and bathed in the river half the city.

Now lined with beaches or closed, and bathe illegal. Not just local residents appealed to the Administration to give the status of protected areas and the gums to arrange recreational areas, however, the 2000s only covered river, for example, for a complex 17-storey buildings, which are located a few meters from the shore. Sewage from homes, according to residents, is discharged directly into the river. Now in floodplains Gums near skyscrapers are under construction and set the gas station with a car wash without proper treatment facilities.

However, now the disaster with the fish on the Russian tradition can make a difference. "The damage caused to the nature of the colossal, evaluate it in numbers is impossible. What is clear is that the need to completely clean the river and restore the fish population. But who will do it and how, now I can not tell you, "- said the" MK "Vasily Romanenko. "We, the authorities paid attention to a problem that really should something terrible happen: either ship with hundreds of people to sink or become a white river of dead grass carp", — says Igor Slepovich. Now, he said, the dead fish from the recreation of the FSB had been swept: the dam opened landmarks — and crucian carp floated down the river. The editor believes that it is for the better, downstream exactly is the health complex property administration of the President, so that the problem of river pollution by the country's leadership is not exactly pass.

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