Died cameraman Vladimir Babariko, one of the authors of Living

Farewell to videaaperataram information BelaPAN Vladimir Babariko held on January 4 in the ritual hall of the crematorium at the North Cemetery.

Vladimir Babariko died the morning of January 3 in the 6th clinical hospital of Minsk. According to his sister Tatiana, doctors called the cause of his death, coronary heart disease, acute coronary insufficiency, arterial hypertension. He was 53 years old.

Vladimir Babariko was a television journalist and videaaperataram, filmed documentaries in Belarus and abroad. He worked at the studio "BelarusFilm" in creative association "Telefilm" Lithuanian TV station "Abektyvas' representation in the Belarusian news agency" Royterz. " Starring special reports for NTV, TSN, TV-6, "RTR Vesti», VISNEWS, NBC, BBC, CBS, SAT1, ZDF, SkyNews and others.

With 2008 — videaaperatar campaign BelaPAN. The author of the documentary series "The hero is not our time." Babariko was among the first winners of the Prize Zavadsky.

About Vladimir Babariko says director Yuri Khaschevatsky.

"Volodya Babariko I know for a long time, probably, in his first steps in the profession. We then worked in advertising, and I drew attention on the boy, who came in and took off for us, for me and Arkady Ruderman. I remember his reverent attitude to the idea of the director.
This was a man who we call perfektsyyanistami at work. It worked very well. He almost never refused, everyone was trying to help. It was a wonderful person.

You know, fat people, they have always taken good. In this just and was Volodya. It is unfortunate that he is gone, we have lost such a nice guy, professional. I worked with him, his staff is very much in the "normal president" in "The Square".

Operators go, and from there remains a great deal. It is not always mention, who took this shot, but the frame remained. Means. in his life made that in the future more people to see how we lived. One of these individuals was Vladimir. "



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