Do we scare ourselves

TV, radio, newspapers — all othing take, end of the world scares us, global warming, swine or avian flu, and of course, a calendar of Indians! Go out into the street — will die from choking exhaust fumes, eat turnips — die again (the second time, is it?), Nitrate poisoning …

Humanity is paying the price for your sins! Talked about this yet Diogenes, who lived in a barrel, Dante, who wrote the brilliant lyrics and Hitler, to make a reality of art Schiller, mix it up, for some reason with Dante! But there are people and the other way! Let's believe in the good!

Sooner or later, a meteorite stuck like at high speed into the Earth, to stop the suffering of mankind once and for all! Or the ice melted, the water will flood the homes of people! But because we do not want to think about it, do not want to listen to gloomy predictions television or radio spot once apocalyptic, promising us the end of the world! Maybe so was invented audio advertising, which is slightly dilutes the transmission end of the world and distract from the sad thoughts. Sometimes it's nice to listen to the advertisement, especially if it is well done. We want to live — and it is our desire as well indestructible as the sky above your head!

Yes, of course, the last years were marked by terrible disaster. That's how our Mother: no more war, well, I will make you the eruption, earthquake, flood, tsunami … Do not want — do not! You yourself kill nuclear power, destruction of animals, construction …

And the world is heading nowhere, and we do not have time to look back! Create a "Red Book" to the end of lime brought in her animals! Organize "UNESCO" for heritage — and immediately begin destroying monuments! Take the panda as a symbol of a vanishing nature — and develop oil and gas! Here we are — contradictory, foolish and aggressive! We are looking for the money, as if those papers come in handy somewhere very high! We nosimsya to stroke, a heart attack, not even knowing why!

So maybe it's better to let the meteorite? Than we do ourselves?

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