Doctors in shock: the Indian yogi lived without food and water 70 years


Indian yogi Prahlad Jani used to live on an empty stomach. He argues that receives the vital forces of the cosmos.

At first, doctors took the old man for a cheater, but, having examined it, skeptics began to speak in a different way. Unique yoga put the clinic under the constant supervision of doctors. The first results of research scientists plunged into confusion, and they are now trying to figure out whether you can teach other people as well to go without food and water.

According to the story 82-year-old Prahlad Jani, without food and water, he has been living for more than seventy years. At the age of eight, when he wandered and lived in a cave near a Hindu temple, he was allegedly visited by the goddess Amba. She felt sorry for the fatherless, and endowed him with these incredible abilities. Since then, to maintain the vitality Prahlad missing one or two drops of magical nectar that every day he sends a goddess, and that enters into it through a particular channel, located in the sky. Scientists do not comment on this judgment, apparently, the channel has not yet been found.

In the House, where in complete isolation for a week already contain a unique old man, on his clock directed several surveillance cameras. In all that time he had not eaten or drunk. Every day, doctors try to discover any signs of fatigue or dehydration, worsening health of hunger, weight loss. But so far they have managed to figure out just what the state of the brain cells in 82-year-old patient is no worse than that of 25-year-old, and the body, thanks to the continuous yoga, extremely strong and young.

Neurologist Sudhir Shah says:

"It seems that we are dealing with a real miracle — scientific or rather biological. Because it has been for 108 hours of stay in our hospital, he did not eat, did not drink a single drop of fluid and never went to the toilet. This presents the science, to put it mildly, difficult questions. A person can live without food and water 3, 4, 7, well, 12 days. There are cases when people fasted 16 or even 30 days. But they are still drinking water on day 8. But this case — a unique phenomenon.

35 doctors — physiologists, biochemists and molecular biologists who study Mr. Jani, say that yoga led to biological changes in the body of the patient. And he explains everything with sincere simplicity: Indian goddess Amba has given him what he calls the "life force". This force is particularly interested in professionals from the Ministry of Defense. "

"We hope that this event will help us to explore how people survive in extreme conditions, without food and water — says doctor Dzh.Aylavazhagan — It is useful in the army, and perhaps in space. Did you know that our scientists are now working on the possibility to send manned ships to distant planets, such as Mars? If we can learn a long time without food and water, it will be a real breakthrough in science.

Discover the unique patient will last another two weeks. Two months scientists will need to carefully examine the results. Only then will you know exactly what to this time facing Indian doctors — with yet another hoax or a real sensation. "

/ Express newspaper /

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