Documentary investigation. Masons watch online

Documentary investigation.  Masons watch online
Freemasonry — The movement that emerged in the XVIII century in the form of a closed organization. Ethics and Philosophy of Freemasonry are based on the monotheistic religions. Freemasonry originates from the little-known origins in the end of XVI — early XVII century, presumably — operative masons workshops. Title "mason"Or" Freemason "is derived from the French. Franc-macon (in Old French masson, Eng. Freemason), is used as a literal translation of the name — free mason. Masons, or "The Brotherhood of Freemasons," one of the kabbalistic secret and closed groups in the world. Their there is their roster, symbols, rituals and even a handshake. Freemasonry — it is not religion. In their charter does not say that every member of society was a Christian. At various times in the Masons were majestic policy, painters, scientists, and many other people who have left a mark in history. On what are the requirements for the Masons, for entry into the box, how much pressure the Masons have on world politics, what historical actions to administer under their control, which principles are observed by all members of Masonic lodges, what signs of Freemasonry we face every day, making official religion against Freemasonry. What is the new Russian freemasonry? There is Do Masons in the Kremlin, in the Russian government?

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