Downpours flooded east Australia. Video

Three states in eastern Australia are covered by the floods. Prolonged downpours have led to the fact that in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are flooded numerous small towns and large areas of farmland. Two people were killed. More than 10,000 people have been forced from their homes.

In some areas, for last week fell from 50 to 150 mm. Due to the fact that the rivers burst their banks, closed a number of roads and bridges.

On Monday night, received an order to evacuate 8,000 residents of the town Wagga Wagga, 450 km south-west of Sydney. The city center is protected by 11-meter high dam, but the water level has already chosen its top edge. Residents spent a sleepless night. Store employees to move the equipment and increase its product to the ceiling, in the hope that things will not be damaged.

[Store owner]
"We remove the basic equipment that is on the floor — refrigerators, freezers, — just remove all higher in the hope that, if the water goes over the dam and come here, it will remain intact. We do not have insurance for this kind of equipment, so try to take some action. "

[Store owner]
"I put it in too much money, so we have to do that."

Four school buildings refurbished into evacuation centers. Temporary shelter here have already found hundreds of people. One such center in Wagga Wagga visited Premier of New South Wales Barry O'Farrel.

The four areas of the state of emergency was declared. As reported by the Australian media, it could become a flood as the worst of all, remember that the local people. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, Queensland over the weekend expect more heavy rains.

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