Ecovillage. Eco-friendly homes from straw

That's what turns the situation: we go to work and perform all sorts of work for thirty, forty or fifty years to pay for the house, which we no longer have a direct connection. How many of you were in a steel factory or building? Do you like the purely physical sense of the atmosphere in the shops, and the smells and sounds?

Many students after the visit to the slaughterhouse can not eat meat. And when we see how to produce materials for the building, we start looking for better ways to build.
Movement of natural building helps us to restore traditionally strong inner spiritual connection with housing, create your own hands, which, no doubt, is our right by nature. We do not make clay from pre-built components, bought at the company store. For clay, we take from the earth free building materials, what's under our feet — a good clean earth — give it the required shape for laying floors, walls, plaster — and get so beautiful houses, even in adult serious men they admired .
Most of the buildings in which we live and work, do not have souls, they are ugly and not perfect from an environmental point of view. When we are in such buildings, our senses are closed.
But there is another type of architecture, which warms the soul and nourish the spirit of it, helps us to feel comfortable and ennobles our everyday lives. The times when the dominant was the slogan of "Victory over the nature!" In the past. Now humanity needs polluting architecture. Thanks to her, we can find our rightful place in nature, which constantly reminds the grandeur of the space around us. During the construction of houses made of natural materials, you create a happy space, a place where your spirit aspires to the heights.
Changing relations with the outside world comes from the realization that a person needs. If you've thought, "I want to have it and so I have to buy it", but now you want to ask: "What nature has created and prepared for me? What's the best you can make of this? "In the first case, our judgment shows how true to life the consumer society. In the second case, this view of the world of men in traditional society. This is called creativity. And that something brings true satisfaction.
As soon as you learn to create natural building materials that are literally at your feet, the scales fall from your eyes. You will understand the role played round timber for the construction of houses. You'll see how easy to make door frames of poles digging sod for the construction of the roof, insert frameless glass shards for windows adobe wall. Before you open up the world of unlimited creative possibilities
You can say what you have on the kind of building do not have time. Do you have a professional job that allows you to live comfortably and with dignity to raise three children.
But it is worth considering. It may be better late than never?

If you're burning desire to begin to lead a healthy life, to move to an existing or establish his ecovillage, but as yet are not able to, you can still help the Earth become cleaner in one simple way — treatment of industrial waste. Because, like it or not, living in a technocratic society, we need to put up with the industrial waste polluting the planet. So you should come close to solving the problem.

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