Embassy of Russia appeal to the Supreme Court

Embassy of Russia in Belarus is not satisfied with the decision of the Minsk city court against nine detainees of Russia and is preparing an appeal to the Supreme Court of Belarus.

About This was announced reporters in Minsk, Counselor of the Embassy Vadim Gusev.

According to "Interfax", he said: "The Embassy is not satisfied with the result of complaints 9 of 11 Russian citizens detained 19-20 in Minsk on December, and it intends to apply to the Supreme Court of Belarus. "

"Unfortunately, the court dismissed the complaint 9 of 11 people detained Russian citizens who were sentenced district courts to terms of administrative detention from 10 to 15 days. "

According to Gusev, two more complaints will be considered by the Minsk City Court on December 30.

December 27th Minsk City Court dismissed the complaints filed by Alexander Baranov, Anastasia Rybachenka, Vladislav Nikolaichik, Alexander Burmistrov, Alex Ostapenko, Dmitry Vahmintsav, Sergey Gorovoy, Ilya subscription, Maxim Ostapenko.


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